Let's Compare: Nasties-Free Polishes

When I first started dabbling in the beauty blogging/vlogging world, I came across a brand called Piggy Paints and that was the first time I was told about some of the dangerous ingredients in nail polishes. Now I'm no chemist/biologist so not quite sure about how these ingredients effect you, but I'm sure other people are.

Recently, I've been trying a few new brands and realised that they were coincidentally all brands that have taken some steps to be 'nasties free' - these brands are Eve Snow, Jacava and Nubar. So as any self-proclaiming beauty blogger would do, I had a show down.

Eve Snow in Pixie, Jacava in Crimson Crush, Nubar in Citadel

1st place: Eve Snow
It was a close call between Eve Snow and Nubar, but I had to give this one to Eve Snow because even on the first layer, you hardly get unevenness. You're talking solid pigmentation and in some shades, I reckon only one layer would be okay. Nubar also has solid pigmentation but because of it's formula being relatively thinner, it has a tendency to streak - so one layer is probably not going to happen. Jacava has a certain translucency to it, which is elegant and nice in its own right but whether you prefer pigmentation or not, is up to you.

1st place: Jacava
As I said above, Jacava's finish is gorgeous. You're talking gorgeous gloss, and an elegant transparency that resembles a jelly-like finish. The second place would be Eve Snow, because it does gloss nicely but it's that transparency of Jacava that really gives it the depth and gorgeous finish. Eve Snow polishes are so heavily cream and has that flatness underneath the gloss - like a top coat. Nubar was undoubtedly the last place in this category because it dries relatively matte because the product is so thin. It's fine with shades that are cream, but with shimmery shades this becomes a disappointment because the depth of the colour with all the different sparkles gets lost! Of course, a top coat can solve this but it's never really the same ;)

Drying Time
1st place: Nubar
As I said earlier, Nubar's consistency is very thin so each layer dries very quickly - perhaps around 2 minutes? I'm an impatient person so this works great for me! Jacava dried as a normal polish would, but I would say Eve Snow takes quite a while longer.

1st layer: Eve Snow, Nubar & Jacava

Colour Range
1st place: Nubar
I suppose because Nubar is the most established, widely available and the only non-exclusively British brand out of the three, that it has the widest colour range. Jacava comes second at around 19, and Eve Snow at 16.

1st place: Eve Snow
I love flat brushes, and out of the three, Eve Snow is the only ones that has one! Nubar's brush, although round, actually works well because of the light consistency. Jacava's works, but it's too long and too thin and I think it would work better with a flat one. I also think I got a dud, and the bristles are attached quite slantedly..

1st place: Nubar
As both Jacava and Eve Snow come under the luxury category at £14.50 and £12 respectively, Nubar steals the price category at coming in at around £6-7.

2nd layer: Eve Snow, Nubar, Jacava.

Lasting Power
1st place: Eve Snow
This was a close one between Eve Snow and Jacava, but I think Eve Snow shrunk that little bit less. To be honest, I wasn't completely happy with any of these lasting powers, but I thought Nubar chipped very very easily. Eve Snow and Jacava did both shrink, but again, I think Jacava was that bit more noticeable.

1st place: Jacava
As I hinted above, the Jacava consistency is perfect. It's not too thick and gloopy, but not too runny. It's gorgeously smooth and it also sets itself, and doesn't apply streaky. I found Eve Snow quite heavy, and it's easy to get it streaky if you aren't careful how much is on your brush. Nubar, on the other hand, is very very thin - again, to the point it can dry quite flat and matte. While both of them are workable and nothing to complain about, I think Jacava's consistency is just gorgeous and is definitely one of my favourites even outside the Nasties-Free category!

1st place: Jacava
Out of the three, Jacava is the product that has taken out the most, including formaldehyde, toulene, DPB/phthalates, parabens and camphor, as well as not being animal tested. Nubar has taken out formaldehyde, toulene, and DPB/phthalates as well as being cruelty-free. Eve Snow has no formaldehyde, DBP and is cruelty-free, but it also has argan oil, ginkgo bilboa and vitamin E.

Overall, while each got 3 points, I think it really depends on what you want from a nail polish. In terms of the final quality of the polish, I'd say Jacava was my favourite pick. But I much prefer the colour selection in the other two, and I also prefer the Nubar packaging over any other nail polish brand because it's so ergonomic! I also have noticed the nourishing effects of Eve Snow because of their added ingredients, so they all have a lot to give!

Jacava polishes are currently 25% off with code '25SUMMER', and you can purchase Eve Snow from their website and Nubar from BeautyBay.

Which would you go for?



  1. This is such a helpful run-down of each! I've never tried any of these, but really like the look of the Jacava. I've recently disovered Kure Bazaar polishes and really love them - natural, great formulas, fabulous colors!

    1. I'm so glad it helped! :) I've never heard of them, I have to give them a shot! Thanks for the heads up :)


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