Review: TheBalm Hot Mama Blush

If you remember earlier this year (on Valentine's Day actually!), I reviewed TheBalm Sexy Mama powder. After getting so much interest in this, the lovely Jo from FindMeAGift (she has her own blog here - check it out, Mr. Darcy lovers!) and I decided to work together again to bring you another review . This time, on TheBalm's Hot Mama Blush.

The formula is frankly, brilliant. Although it does produce a bit of fall out on swirling the brush, you really don't need to be doing this as the product has a nice level of pigmentation, and a few taps with the bristles will do. In fact, when I swirled too much, I found it turned almost mauve-y on my cheeks because I'd applied too much! With a shimmer product, that is definitely a no-no, so get your light hand on with this product.

The lasting power is also frankly, brilliant. It lasts a good 6 hours, and if you are planning on staying out later than that, the packaging is so nifty, popping it in your make-up bag wont be an issue. It's made of cardboard as many other theBalm products, and it has a nice sleeve to protect it too. The geniuses also decided to add a mirror to a blusher - not always a given in blushers, which is frankly, ridiculous!

Do I even have to mention the cute retro images on their packaging? No, didn't think so.

As you can tell, it's "one of those" colours in a pan - the infamous peachy, pink with gold shimmer/sheen that every company on Earth (practically) has given their shot at. So I've decided to bring together all the "one of those" colours that I've acquired (because I clearly need all..) to give you a bit of a comparison..

Clockwise from left: NARS Orgasm, NARS Torrid, TheBalm Hot Mama, MAC Style, Benefit Coralista.

As you can see, it's very much in the peach family.. or is it?

Left to right: NARS Orgasm, NARS Torrid, TheBalm Hot Mama, MAC Style, Benefit Coralista, Benefit Bella Bamba.

I think it's a tough call whether it's peach or pink - could it ACTUALLY be peachy pink? Let's face it, Orgasm looks nothing like a peachy pink there. To my surprise, it seems that TheBalm Hot Mama is actually different to the likes of Coralista and Orgasm, and something more of an inbetween.

If you thought Orgasm and Bella Bamba too pink, Coralista and Style too pale, or Torrid too glittery - I think TheBalm Hot Mama would be a good call. It also crossed my mind that it's probably slightly peachier to Sleek Rose Gold - and probably less gold, powdery and stupidly pigmented (can you tell I'm not a fan of Sleek blushers lol). However, you may notice that the golden sheen is relatively strong in the swatch - however, it's not something that really stood out to me when I applied it on my cheeks. It's almost like a dual highlighter/blusher.

The formula is up there with these brands that charge £20 odd quid for their blushers, and the packaging is to die for. So if the shade is up your alley, I'd definitely recommend this. This is also the cheapest of the lot at £14.99 (so not too different from MAC but with a mirror!) so if you want a peachy pink with a golden sheen but don't want to splash out, I think this is the best way to go. Grab yours here, at Find Me a Gift :)

What do you reckon?
Yay to theBalm? Or nay to theBalm?


*Received for consideration.


  1. TheBalm is quickly becoming one of my favorite brands! Have you tried their eyeshadows or Bahama Mama Bronzer? They're fab! Only issue with their cute cardboard packaging is it doesn't last very long in a makeup junkies drawers (or when you spill brush cleanser on it, whooopsie). You should check out Luscious Lani, its a beautiful almost pink looking shade that comes off champagne, great for those days when you want to look natural with a little sparkle!


    1. By the way, its tax free weekend here in Mass, I'm taking this weekend to grab the same camera you told me about ages ago (or maybe the Nikon version of it, they're the same price but I think I need to see them in person)!
      So excited to take stunning FOCUSED pictures like you haha!

    2. I haven't! The bronzer seems to get rave reviews! Ah yeah I think I said in my last review that the packaging gets quite messy!

      Oh yes wow that's ages ago! The Canon Rebel T3 I think it is in the U.S :) Let me know what you think!

  2. I have two blushers by The Balm and I love their formula! They're so soft.This is such a beautiful colour but can't quite justify another pinky/coral/ sheen shade!

    1. Ooo which ones?! I quite fancy Down Boy, it looks like a gorgeous pink! Haha I know what you mean, you do accumulate quite a lot after a while don't you (I obviously have :P).

  3. Replies
    1. It's stunning love, I can highly recommend it! :)

  4. Freaking love The Balm packaging, have you seen their new palette (Naked dupe) with the pin up ladies strategically covered by pans? I would buy just for the packaging but have yet to try anything.

  5. Loving the shades. I never thought that they will look subdued when applied.
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