Review: Christian Brows (vs. HD Brows)

I love brows - I just love how complex and "dark horse"-ey they are! They can really make or break your look, and I honestly think a pair of well-groomed brows will make you look more polished than any single make-up product can on its own. So for me, a good brow product is a must. It has to be long-lasting, natural-looking, and the perfect colour match.

One of the products in my arsenal of brow products is Christian Brows.

What you get..

A massive packaging. Possibly the only flaw with this product, this thing is HYOGE ("huge"). I'm talking same length as a Sleek palette - 1/2 an inch off the width and about twice the depth. I never take it anywhere, and it's a pain to store. However, a little birdy tells me they are considering repackaging - let's hope they go through with it ey!

With Christian Brows, you get a few things - the powder, a double-ended brush and 3 stencils. Yes, stencils seem a bit old school and they can be! But these stencils come in 3 sizes - thin, natural and thick - which are all actually very natural, and incredibly helpful if you aren't used to doing your own brows, or to get that perfect, symmetrical look.

The concept is to place these stencils where it fits on your brows, use the fluffy side of the brush to fill in space, take off the stencil and do some detail work with the angled side.

It sounds so time-consuming and to be honest, I thought it was going to be so mistake-prone. But the results are actually amazing, and the process is surprisingly quick and easy. I've first-handedly seen the wonders these stencils can do for people with sparse brows too, and it actually left me speechless!

Sadly, their video isn't quite as impressive, but take a look at around 1:33 to get an idea (trust me the shapes usually come out much nicer, and you don't have to be as heavy-handed!)..

How I use it..

On a day-to-day basis, I personally don't use the stencil, and just fill it in with the angled brush (a bit thin for my liking but hey ho), but only because the formula on its own is brilliant. At first touch they seem a bit powdery, but when applied they seem to just melt into your skin. I'm also impressed at how they "dye" your brow hair (see 0:30) and they're meant to stay on through heat and water. These are all benefits that come with the fact that the product is clay-based.

As I mentioned, these stencils are a godsend when I want that perfect shaped, symmetrical brows. They're very easy to use - no powder splatter nor unnaturally straight lines, leaving your brows looking defined, but still very natural. The fluffy brush prevents over-filling, by applying a light wash of product all the way down to the roots, and therefore allowing you to control how dark you want your powder to be.

Here are before and after shots of my own brows using a stencil with the colour Charcoal - you can see that even with a dark colour like Charcoal, I can still just use one layer as I did in the photo and make it slightly lighter and more suitable for everyday:

Christian Brows? HD Brows?

As an owner of both, I can tell you off the bat that it pretty much comes down to taste.

The formula of Christian Brow is slightly superior, providing extreme staying power and the ability to dye hair. However, the HD Brows' staying power is definitely more than enough for everyday. HD Brows also has darker pigmentation, which is better for those who like stronger brows. Christian Brows is buildable both in formula and with the fluffy brush, so it has that extra bit of flexibility.

The format is neck to neck. HD Brows come in (travel friendly, cough cough) palettes with various colours that give you that flexibility (if you dye your hair a lot!) and depth. The Christian Brows comes with stencils and a fluffy brush that gives you a natural finish, and a sense of relief for those unsure about how to do brows. They both come with mirrors - hooray!

If you have no use for stencils, HD Brows may be more economical. But keep in mind that HD Brows come with multiple colours, which means unless you make use of that, you'll run out of one colour before the others. This may make the Christian Brows more economical in the long run (especially with the offer - keep reading!)

Personally, I reach for HD Brows more, but this comes down to 2 facts - packaging and colour match. The first is definitely something I hope Christian works on in the future, but both have a very high degree of my personal choice. I just prefer brown brows! Like I said, it REALLY comes down to taste. I think if the packaging was to be fixed in the near future, I would definitely purchase Christian Brows in a different shade, as I don't use 1/2 my HD Brows palette at the moment!

In summary..

If you have sparse brows, like naturally filled brows, you're a brow novice, you need your brows tinted, you work/live in a very hot, humid or wet environment, or you feel you don't need multiple colours - Christian Brows is the way forward!

The cost you ask? At a whopping £26.54, I'd say it's quite an investment. But the lovely girls at Christian Brows have given me a discount code that my readers can use on the phone to get the full set for £20 with P&P - just call 015 8279 8920 with the code BLOG0812. This deal ends on the 31st of August, and their offices are open until 5:30pm Mondays to Thursdays and 3pm on Fridays. But not to worry if you miss the deal - it's also available from FeelUnique for £22.

If you're not sure about what your shade would be, or just want to have a chat about the product, head on over to their Facebook or Twitter!

Have you tried Christian Brows?
For those with HD Brows, would you consider switching?


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  1. Intriguing... your brows do look fantastic :)

  2. thats amazing! i havent tried either but your eyebrows do look amazing!

    BreezeyBee Blog

    1. Thank you! I can highly recommend either :)

  3. I use Christian brows and it is an awesome product!! I use it daily, with or without the stencil, depends on my mood. No need to touch up during the day either!!

    1. The staying power's absolutely brilliant isn't it?! :)

  4. I've got the Christian Brows! I loveee it! :D

    1. I wish more people knew about it, it's brilliant! :)

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