Instagrunday #5

1. Cake with my mom before I left Japan 2. Reunited with my partner in crime 3. New shoes!
4. My one and only soda of choice :) 5. Feeling flowery, signature Havvies ;) 6. Single-handedly funding Dior as usual.. 7. Digging out my old hi-top-a-lops (for Camden.. lol) 8. Jessie J concert! (make-up post coming up!) 9. My new flatmate - we've found a flat! :)

The week was off to a really bad start: lots of internship days, failed flat viewings, trudging on with job applications and dissertation. But the dull, tough week was topped off with 2 amazing events on Saturday: a truly generous concert gift from the lovely Adrienne (I sing and songwrite so as you can imagine - Jessie J is my idol!),  and secondly, we found a flat!

Today we are spending the day at Ben's cousin's - admittedly both working, but going out for a Sunday meal later.. not gonna lie, one of my favourite things about living in Britain :)

How has your week been? :)



  1. That sounds so fun :) I love going out on "dates" with my husband/extended family.


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