Aaaall Gone..! #1

Let me introduce you to my box - my Aaaall Gone box! :)

Hopefully he will be a familiar face from now on, as I attempt to finish products one by one. This box will be where I keep everything I finish! Anyway, now that you are both acquainted, here's what's been inside him up until now! :)

(My favourite screenshot EVER?)

Do you like finishing products?
What have you finished recently that you are most proud of?


*Items received for consideration are listed in the YouTube description box.


  1. I like finishing products too because it gives me a chance to empty out my drawers because it is always crammed full of product that just sits around and i do not use. Haha your benefit eyebrow pencil is totally gone :) I use my Rimmel one which is relatively inexpensive i guess, but i will want to try the Benefit one eventually hehe :) I love seeing empties posts so thanks for sharing~ xoxo

  2. I love these types of posts! I'm rubbish at finishing things because I get bored and want to try a new product,but I really try to finish them!

    Sophie x


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