August Favourites & *Let's MakeYuUp* on Facebook!

Ah favourites.. my favourite ;) WEHEYYY!

Today's a special day. Not only because I've got my favourites uploaded in time, but because *Let's MakeYuUp* has launched on Facebook!
Let's talk about the Facebook first :) I made it primarily for people who don't have Twitter, and also for places to put photographs and images that I find amusing. There will be updates of blog posts, and I may link it to Instagram too for people who don't have that. So what am I waiting for?

>>Let's MakeYuUp on Facebook!<<

Do have a look, and I would love it if you could 'Like' and share with friends who you think would enjoy it :)

Anyway, on to monthly business! Here are my favourites for this month :)

All of what I'm wearing, links mentioned and the products mentioned in the video are on the YouTube page :)

What have you been loving this August? :)

See you on Facebook!

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