Some New (High End) Skincare Friends.. #2

Maybe it's because the coats are coming out, or perhaps I'm just reaching that point where I'm running out of all my products at the same time.. but I've recently had another infusion of new products into my skincare routine. All of these products are pretty expensive so I've given them a go with my uber-critical hat on, to see if they're worth the big bucks.. Dun dun duuuuun.

This is one of the two products I've tried from Yon-ka's offering for the winter season, aimed at providing some intense hydration to your skincare routine.

Does it work? It does, and very well at that! With my skin, you can tell its properly hydrated if I don't get under-the-skin spots, and with this, I rarely do. I love the consistency - it's really light and absorbs nicely. However, I have to say that it's no Hydraluron nor Dr. Jart+ Water Up Serum, which are much cheaper, and much more intense that they get rid of these spots for me within a few days. But I know this level of potency isn't what everyone wants, especially if you're looking for a daytime serum! As such, while I started using it as a night-time serum, using it as my day-time one has worked a treat because it's so easily absorbed and wont make a difference to the finish of my skin, whilst keeping my skin hydrated throughout the day. If you're looking for a good, day-time hydrating serum to keep you going, this is one to consider! 

Having loved Yon-Ka's Creme 28, despite finding it a wee bit heavy at times, I was curious to see how the Hydra No1 Creme compared.

Let's just say this is my preference of the two. The consistency is much more like a typical moisturiser, except pretty thick. The wonderful part, however, is that like the serum, it absorbs beautifully which is something the Creme 28 didn't do quite so well. It doesn't leave me greasy in the morning, just nourished and plump. I feel like it really helps to lock in the hydration that I put on my skin through previous steps in my routine, as well as add some of its own. Definitely a great nighttime moisturiser pick, and a step in the right direction from the Creme 28. But are there similar products for less out there? I think so.

You may have seen a bit more of L'Occitane when you've been out and about recently, and that's because they've relaunched one of their most popular lines - the Immortelle line. New to this is their L'Occitane Lotion Divine which isn't what you would typically call a 'lotion' on this side of the globe.

This formula is more like what you would find in East Asia - a cloudy, slightly viscous liquid designed to be an activator, and used between your toner and serum. I've seen my Grandma use similar products on her hand and tap it into her skin, whereas saleswomen at counters have told me to drench cotton pads and push it into your skin, so as to not evaporate any product with the heat of your hand. Either way, I'm a pretty big fan of the concept and quite glad that L'Occitane, despite not being an Asian brand, is taking part in introducing it to the Western market.

Anyway, I've found that using this has boosted the hydration that my skin gets and I do think my serum and night-time moisturiser works better when I use this product - my skin seems much more receptive to absorbing the products, as well as to its qualities than without it. In that way, it may be a way to save a few pennies here and there. I think for the curious, the skincare afficionados and hydration-desperate of us out there (hello!), it's an addition to your night time routine that you may find really benefits you in the long run.

Because I'm a bit of a lucky sod, I've now tried all three of HealGel's products (review of HealGel Intensive and HealGel Eye here), and I think this moisturiser is my favourite - it's quite close between this and the Eye. It's not only unique in the market but also very effective.

As you know, my skin needs hydration to keep the spots at bay, but the second level - i.e. when there's a good amount of hydration but not 100% enough for my incredibly needy skin, I can tell because I get juuuust a bit of shine - completely manageable - on my nose (because my skin tries to compensate for the lack of hydration).

And that's precisely where we're at with the HealGel Face. After the REN Ultra Moisture Day Cream and the Origin Vitazing (both of which keep my completely oil-free and spot-free) HealGel Face not only moisturises the top layers of your skin, but really reaches down to the bottom layers to hydrate your skin from within. Putting aside my own diva skin, I think this moisturiser would be absolutely perfect for most people with normal to combination skin. It's a genuine hydrator, and will save you the effort of sifting through the products that merely sit on your skin and hope for the best. Again, much like the serum, while my alternatives are less pricey, more hydration isn't always what everyone wants. Since switching the above Yon-Ka serum to the day time, this moisturiser has been perfect for my routine! For those who need a bit of a balancing act, this may be the one for you.



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