Launch: L'Occitane Grasse Collection Fleur d'Or and Cedre EDT

L'Occitane, earlier this year, launched their fragrance line, La Collection de Grasse. After recently adding their fifth scent, Ambre & Santal, the company is adding two more for the coming winter season today - Fleur d'Or & Acacia and Cedre & Oranger.

La Collection de Grasse is a natural ingredient fragrance line, that combines a scent from Europe to a more exotic scent available elsewhere. The four original fragrances include Vanille & Narcisse, Magnolia & Mure, The Vert & Bigarade and my personal favourite, Jasmine & Bergamot. I personally really like the line because it's exactly what it says on the tin. The fragrances are very simple, yet the two components are chosen so well that despite the 'stripped down' nature of the scents, they come across very sophisticated and classy.

Fleur d'Or & Acacia and Cedre & Oranger

Fleur d'Or & Acacia
This scent combines mimosa (fleur d'or) and acacia, which creates a really fresh top note, with a sweet and floral undertone. You can also smell a hint of honey, which means it has that warmth appropriate for the winter, but the slightly zingy note of the mimosa balances it out to a really nice scent.

The line also comes with a shimmering Shower Gel, Hand Cream, Luminous Oil, Body Milk, Perfumed Soap and a Scented Candle. I've tried the Hand Cream and Luminous Oil, and am very impressed by both. The hand cream is a similar consistency to their best selling Shea Hand Cream, but with a very different scent. It's the right amount of richness for this time of year! The Luminous Oil is also really nice, as it absorbs quickly and leaves your skin incredibly supple. It can also be used in your hair.

A little bit random, but I was REALLY impressed by the spray on the EDT bottles - very evenly dispersed and a fine mist! The Luminous Oil, on the other hand was a wee bit splurty and dangerous.. Also, I love the glass bottles in the EDT and the Oil - the square, I think, looks really crisp and the '&' emboss is classy. I'm not 100% convinced on the aluminum lids but, I do like the gold more than the silver.

Cedre & Oranger
While the Grasse Collection is technically unisex, this particular scent is marketed towards men. As such, I had Ben put it to the test. Much like Fleur d'Or, it mixes a woody cedar with a crisp orange, which again, creates a really unoffensive and balanced scent. It doesn't particularly strike winter, but it's more of an all-year scent which probably appeals to the anti-shopping men out there!

The other products in the line include a Shower Gel, After Shave Balm, and a Scented Soap. Ben really enjoyed the Shower Gel, saying it lathered well and I definitely noticed that the scent lingered nicely on his skin. I personally really liked this scent on Ben, and it might just be by chance that this is the kind of scent he likes but I do think it's a safe bet if you're looking to buy for a guy this Christmas!

As these are both Christmas releases, they come with a limited edition sleeve on the normal boxes which are slightly more festive than the mainline Grasse collection. In addition, some of the non-EDT products are limited edition. However, all the scents in the collection are available in £65 gift sets for the festive season!

The fragrances retail for £49 each for 75ml, and are also available in their Christmas gift sets.
See the whole collection from today on the L'Occitane website.



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