Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers vs. MAC Full Lash Curler

My make-up changed dramatically when I first got my Shu Uemura curlers - my eyes felt more open, I could get away without wearing any eyeliner, and overall, it gave more of a feminine touch to any look. 

Unfortunately as with all good things, the Shu came to an end, and 2 years after I'd gotten it, it started to hurt a bit to use and the curls just weren't lasting as long. And while I would've happily gotten a second pair in Japan where it is £9, I refused to pay an extra £12 here in the UK when I'm going back in a matter of months. So I decided to try a new and a much lesser known one - the MAC Full Lash Curler. This post is a comparison of the two.

Colour & Price
I do quite like the black curlers - I think it's a nice twist and kind of like the limited edition Chanel ones that went around a few years ago. Although it really wasn't that big of a deal overall, this black MAC curlers are from their Carine Roitfield collection. The price however, is what I was very impressed with - it retails for £16 

The Structure
I think the structure of the two are almost identical, but the key differences are as follows:

1) Shu opens wider than MAC.
I'm not sure how much of a difference this makes, but I do feel like you have to clamp harder on Shu - maybe it's just the distance?  You don't need as much force for MAC. As such, it might be slightly more gentle on the lashes than Shu. However, it's also hard for me to compare because obviously with MAC being newer, the rubber is much firmer and thus having more resistance and applying more force.

2) Shu is at a steeper angle than MAC.
This didn't make too big of a difference to me, despite having enormous cheeks, but Shu might be more comfortable if you have especially adorably bubbly cheeks.

3) The curve at the top is steeper, but also wider on MAC.
Although in the past I've felt Shu fits perfectly on my eyelids, since using MAC I feel like it gets in the corners better. This, I think, is very key in finding which one is better for you.

The Effects
Now you guys know I love my Shu - they made my excessively stubborn, floor-obsessed eyelashes stay curled for the whole day like nothing ever before, and with the help of a slick of great mascara, my eyelashes became the least of my concerns for the past 2 years. They literally curled them, and they stayed there. So how does the MAC compare?

I'm pleased to report that I'm pretty damn pleased.

I'm not sure if why, but I've noticed that it gives more of a soft, flexible, natural curl - it may be because as I said earlier, it seems to be a bit more gentle than Shu. Shu sometimes could give a bit of an angle where you clamped it (or perhaps I just don't know my own strength, eh ;)). However, it's a double-edged sword because I think Shu is a little bit stronger, and lasts longer. Shu practically froze the eyelashes in place. That being yet, MAC has yet to disappoint in the sense that my eyelashes have never been droopy at the end of the day - just not as, "it looks exactly as it did this morning" as Shu.

The Verdict
Myeaaaaah, I'm really not sure.. they're both pretty damn good! Those who have especially stubborn lashes may want to start with Shu, just because they seem to be a little bit stronger. But if you have a wide or very curved eye, Shu might be a bit of a faff to get to your corner lashes, and I would recommend the MAC one. One thing to note is that MAC also have a half-lash curler, which I've heard curls even better than this full-version - so that may be an option if you're looking for something stronger but don't want to pay the extra £7.50 for a Shu, or want to supplement Shu with something as strong that reaches the corners. 

What I can vouch for, whichever you choose however, is that the Shu and MAC full-lash curlers are both products that do their jobs, and they do it well. In my opinion, they are both very safe investments I highly recommend that will bring you satisfactory results especially when you have incredibly stubborn lashes!



  1. Gorgeous curlers, they make your lashes look lovely!

  2. You need to try the japonesque curler - it is amazing! My HG xx I own two :)


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