Stressful Times Survival Kit

Everyone goes through stressful times, and in those times beauty is often the last thing you think about - or it's the thing you push to the back of your mind so you can focus on what's causing the stress. For me, that was the seven 3-hour exams I had in the space of 9 days - one everyday, with two days in between. It was mental!

But I tried to make the effort to take time out to relax - and beauty played a big part in that (as did shopping and food, unfortunately). There were three products that made me especially relaxed, so I thought I'd show you a stripped back version of my 'stressful times survival kit'. Of course these products are good for a weekend pampering or a mid-week quicky! ;)

St. Tropez Gradual Tan Plus Firming Lotion
I'm not a massive tanner, and I much prefer just applying a gradual tan lotion after my showers. I like this St. Tropez one for several reasons - the first one is the smell. It has this gingery smell that I find really relaxing, but it also sinks in quickly which means you're not sitting around waiting for ages, and really moisturises from within as opposed to just emoliating the surface. Why is this part of my kit aside from the smell? The colour is a really nice natural tan with no real hint of orange, but it's also super super subtle - it's almost like a tinted moisturiser for your body that just evens out the tone. Nothing too OTT and just very classy and simple :)

Bodhi Mint The Temple Balm
I applied this pretty much everyday before bed, and it would instantly make me sigh with relief and want to snuggle up to my pillow. It smells kind of like Tiger Balm, and while you'd think mint would wake you up, it made me feel very relaxed and cozy. It's a little strong so you have to apply sparingly and hope to keep your eyes closed rather than open, but it's like a sudden wave of relief - a must have for those who struggle to slow down the cogs in the evenings.

REN Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil
I don't think I took as many baths as I did in those 9 days - it's the perfect way to truly switch off for half an hour and do absolutely nothing but soak. My favourite soak during this time was this one from REN. One of the reasons was because of the scent - the genuine and pure Moroccan rose scent is beyond words and so calming! (You guys might know I cannot stand synthetic roses!) The oil also dissolves into the bath and leaves your skin incredibly supple with a very subtle waft of the smell that keeps you calmer for that little longer :)

My proof as to how well these products work?
I'm living proof, right? :)

What do you use to calm down?



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