Make Up Designory (MUD) Enters the UK

There's a new brand on the block here in the UK, and the latest brand to cross the pond is Make-Up Designory, or MUD.

MUD is a leading American make-up school started by professional make-up artists, who carried on to create their own cosmetics in order to teach their students. As you'd imagine, the products are made with make-up artists in mind. With a distinct edge and a wide colour palette, this brand may wet the appetites of even the commercial make-up users like myself :)

Gorgeous imagery much?

Everything about MUD is made with the needs of a make-up artist in mind. I noticed a certain flourescent orange cream in the correctors section.. apparently it's for correcting dark brown? And the mascaras also come in a tube, which means you can squeeze out the product and dip in disposable mascara wands. Now I'm not a make-up artist, but if it's anything like foundations with pumps, or eyeshadow palettes with mirrors for us commercial users, MUD deserves at least a pat on the back for being so considerate ;)

So the unique thing that caught my eye about this brand was that everything is silicone based. Yes we hear a lot of, "Ooo it has silicone in it, it's probably bad!" but I've never actually ever been told why.. except for in haircare when it covers your hair and makes it more difficult to dye.. I digress.

Because all the products have this similar base, not only do most of the products blend like a dream, they can all be mixed - liquids, powders, creams, you name it! It's any artist's dream come true. You may be thinking they only have 12 lipstick shades, but people from MUD would tell you otherwise :)

As with any brand though, there was something that slipped through the net. I noticed that one or two of the eyeshadow shades were quite bitty. I noticed this of a particular navy which I can't remember the name of, but most of them reminded me of the Veluxe Pearl finishes by MAC, but softer.. luscious, buttery and gorgeois. Speaking of MAC, MUD also has a customisable or pre-made palettes which are great for make-up artists and make-up lovers alike.

Here are the swatches of the products I received to try out - you see the bronzer in Sunshine, eyeshadow in Bronzed, blush in Bubblegum, lipliner in Maple, lipstick in Just Peachy and lip glaze in Spicy. All these products are crazy pigmented and blend like a dream. I brushed on some Sunshine for my bronzer this morning and with hardly any blending, it was seamless and soft!

The pricing of these products are mid-market with the lipsticks coming in at £15.50 and foundation compacts at £28.50.

The full range is stocked exclusively at Precious About Make Up in the UK.



  1. Sounds interesting, definitely something worth checking out. I love the shade of the blush :)


  2. That lipstick colour looks great.Will take a look at the range

  3. This sounds great, perfect for experimenting!

    Maria xxx


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