My New Day & Night Beauty Set Up

Since finishing my exams, I've been trying to be productive with my 1 month off - mission 1 was cleaning out the flat! Since we moved in, it's been one after another of issues here and there, so we never really quite got to sorting out everything exactly as we wanted it. Until now, I've been doing my make-up and skincare on the top of a tall chest of drawers, and it was getting a bit tiring and unsettled - I wanted to go back to enjoying the process as I did last year, when I would sit on the floor in front of my £20 Argos shelf! So I decided to roll up my sleeves and clear out the spare room and my bedside table to create a little something like this..


The spare room has turned into a kind of dressing room. In this dressing room, we've got a wardrobe for Ben's suits, ties and shirts and an ironing board for him to get dressed in the morning, and I'm contemplating moving both our perfumes etc., in there too. For me, I've got my desk where I'll do my coursework and of course.. the make-up and skincare :)


I'm not one to chill out in bed - I tend to bury myself in the corner of our couch before retiring. But I thought perhaps making nighttime skincare a bedtime thing might make it more relaxing! I dug out a old Glossybox lid, turned it upside down and voila ;)

How do you arrange your beauty routine? :)



  1. Isn't it such a relief when u finally sort & clean things out :) Love how your day & night set ups are, simple, clean, & neat!

  2. I love how your set up is super simplistic I love it! For me, everything is jammed into the cabinet in the bathroom...;; and all my makeup is just piled up in my room. I really need to get myself organized haha

  3. You are so organised, I just have stacks of stuff all over my dressing table/bathroom, oops!

    Maria xxx


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