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I'm just not a mask person. I'm not quite sure why, maybe because I find them to be just a bit of a faff to  continue to use two or three times a week, and a lot of them I find just have short-term effects that last for the next day, if not shorter. Either way, after I've faced this fact (1. that I'm lazy and 2. that this laziness means I'll only get short-term effects) I've accumulated a few, and thought I'd give a bit of an overview of the masks - of course, keeping in mind that I find them to be temporary fixes ;)

REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask
Heard enough raving about this one? I bet you have. I think this stuff is good but I did have a bit of a struggle figuring it out. First, I found out that I can't just micellar water my face - I found a thorough oil cleanse was necessary. Then I learnt that because my skin is a little tougher than most, I need to leave it on for about 30min. Only then did I see the results.

What were those results? Smooth skin, absolutely and I put my hands up for that. Sometimes I do prefer this to my harsh LUSH Ocean Salt Scrub because it's probably gentler. And with continued, frequent use (when I did persist!), I did see a bit of a lightening of my acne scarring. I was quite impressed but I also noticed that if I don't use it for a while my scars come back.. so I'm not sure if it just gives a temporary glow.. I generally use this if I have a big day the next day, or if I know I'll want to wear a tinted moisturiser to give myself smooth, glowy skin :).

Elemis Mask Duo
Now this set, I haven't shut up about and is definitely my favourite mask out of the lot. I'll redirect you here.

ClaySpray Mattifying Red Clay Mask
I was surprisingly impressed by this one - it's not actually a spray, it's more like a pump but you apply it on a damp face and wow.. it's a DREAM to apply! Which makes me want to try out some of their other masks, because they have ones for other skintypes. As a clay-based mask you can expect to turn into a rigid statue after a bit, but washing it off was the easiest a clay mask has been.

Now I don't really suffer from too bad of an oily skin, but I do get some down my t-zone so I applied it only on that area. My skin felt so clean and just.. detoxed, without being dehydrated! I really liked this for when I'm getting a bit spotty and oily, I find it kind of resets the skin and gives you a clean slate to infuse all your usual skincare with.

Amie Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask
Now I've never had a real desire to cool my skin, especially in the evenings when I'd be masking it up, but I gave this mask a go. And yes I can report that it is DEFINITELY cooling, and the mint makes it really refreshing and great after a long day! Wowee!

In terms of the skincare effects though, I didn't notice too much. I found my skin to be left a little bit tight for my combination skin, so I'd recommend this more for the oily skinned. I may give it a go, like with ClaySpray, when I'm feeling more oily and spotty for a clean slate. However, with the cooling effects I did think my pores looked slightly less visible - so for those with pore-related concerns, this is one to try!

So yes, you can probably tell that I'm not a 100% mask girl. I like the short term burst of whatever that you get from each respective masks, but I prefer focusing on the long-term effects that a good skincare routine can give you. That being said, I do love a bit of a pamper now and again, which is why these four have been intermittently called from the cupboards and slapped on for a bit of me-time!

What's your favourite mask?



  1. You got me very curious about the elemis mask. My favourite is the dermalogica hydrating masque, it feels great!x

  2. I am a huge fan of REN and the Glycolactic Mask. It has done wonders for skin. Great blog too '-)


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