Post-Exam Wishlist

Gone are the days when a Louis V graced my wishlist collages.. because let's face it, that's just not happening any time soon. But as I smoulder my brain with the past 6 months' worth of studying I've done, the thought of a treat at the end isn't all that bad a motivation! Here's what's been on my wishlist recently..

As you may know - massive fan of Lisasz09 here. She raved about this brush's predecessor, the Coastal Scents 518, and so naturally I've been permanently intrigued. I do like my MAC 187 but sometimes I feel like it's a bit too flimsy to buff, so this has been on my wishlist for that precise reason!

I raved about this almost a year ago when my skin was as dry as nuts.. and although my skin isn't that dry anymore, I still miss the effects! This is a foundation I recommend to anyone suffering from dry skin and so far, everyone seems to like it!

NARS Fairy's Kiss Palette
A new release from NARS in the near future, this palette really drew me in! I'm not sure if it's the purple hues but the natural tones that make it seem like a useable palette. Having missed out on the Pleasures of Paris palette a few years ago, maybe I'm hoping this is the one I wont miss out on!

While having a gander through CutEcosmetics, this rainbow brush collection with shiny handles and soft-looking bristles caught my eye.. I mean, how could it not. So affordable and with really unique designs that are lacking from the mainstream market, I'm really hoping to try a few out in the future!

On a bit of a brush roll (no pun intended), if I say so myself. I saw this set on Luce Stephensons' blog post (here) and I couldn't believe my eyes! I've been wanting the Sigma Make Me Up sets since they came out in 2011 or something, but have never been able to face handing over the cash, so these seem like a great alternative - they look practically the same! 

The Exercise Stuffs
Me? Exercise? I know. Believe it or not, I do enjoy my occasional jog and I adore football. But with studying time constraints and feeling bad for my downstairs neighbours if I attempt to do the Core Rhythms or 30 Day Shred DVDs again, I turned to what many bloggers do - Blogilates. I've purchased my mat (from this seller), and I've got old yoga pants that I bought because they were comfy (not because I did yoga) - but it'd be nice to have these cool Adidas ones, non?

Along comes to problem of - how do I fund these purchases, but I'm hoping my post-exam freedom would allow for some time to sell my stuff online and a massive flat clear-out!

What's on your wishlist these days?


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  1. I actually thought that was the sigma set until I read the post. Such a good dupe. x

    1. Haha I have a sneaky suspicion it IS the same.. you never know I suppose ;)

  2. the one thing I've tried on this list is the ysl foundation and loved it!


  3. I just ordered the Fairy Kiss palette, couldn't resist! xx

  4. great collection of wishlist, you can buy inglot cosmetics from here


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