From Dry to Oily: Face Oils.

I love oils. I use them to remove my make-up, after the shower on my legs and on my face. It's a growing trend that I think will gain more and more traction from various companies that are currently still clinging to the creams for its hydration offerings. With a lot of consumers being enthralled by essential oils and becoming more and more aware of the gunk that can be in creams (and even oils to be fair), I think oil will increasingly pervade beauty in the future - quite frankly the Garnier Olia hair dye took me by surprise!

Anyway, back to face oils specifically. I've tried a few myself and thought I'd give you a bit of an overview of my experience with a product that is taking the skincare world by storm, after having been quite controversial only a few years ago.

Bodhi Neroli Luce (£12/£32 - now on offer for £28.80)
Bodhi's most recent face oil offering, this is targeted towards the combination-skinned. As with all Bodhi products, the ingredients come from all around the world and are used in a pure form that will not irritate sensitive skin.When it comes to ingredients, Bodhi is a brand I can trust.

Being combination-skinned, I was quite excited for this product but strangely enough, it didn't quite work its magic for me personally. I think it's more suited to those who lean towards the oily combination skin, as the ingredients are meant to balance your oils. As I have dehydrated skin and more normal/combination skin, this product didn't provide quite enough hydration. So if you struggle from oiliness, this is a good one to try.

Bodhi Desert Rose (£12/£56 - will soon be available for 15ml/£32)
Fortunately, Bodhi has another offering for people like me! This is Bodhi's first creation, and is for the dehydrated and dry. I like to use this in the evenings and I absolutely revel in the gorgeous, calming and genuine rose scent. I've found a lot of my skincare has rose in it because of its hydrating properties and Desert Rose contains such concentrated levels of rose oil that it really does its job by penetrating the skin and hydrating from within. It also smoothes over any dry patches, and the consistency is so soft and blendable that it's a dream to massage over the face after a long day.

The other element of this face oil I love is how it brightens my face. I always think I look a bit more glowy in the mornings :)

Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil (RRP £30 - available for £24)
Perhaps the longest-running facial oil and most established amongst the commercial brands, the Clarins Treatment Oil in Lotus was a major favourite back in my oily skinned days. This helped so much in balancing it, because it contains ingredients that penetrate the layers of your skin and tell your oil glands to chillax ;)

It really helped to reduce the redness in my acne-scarring as well, more so than any of the other face oils. It helped to even out my skintone and make my face look brighter. Unfortunately for me, as my skin-type has changed, this has been less and less used, so I would absolutely (and have always) recommend it to people who have oily-combination skin.

Sanctuary Therapists Secret Facial Oil (£17.50)
The Sanctuary's offering of facial oil is for the seriously dry-skinned. The skincare line isn't targetted for my age range nor skintype, and has more of a focus on anti-aging. So I suppose it's only normal that I found the oil a bit too much - I woke up with a light oily residue on my skin. However, I think people with dryness on their skin will appreciate this product because I felt it worked on the surface of the skin more so than the other oils. I can also vouch for the consistency too. Out of the four, this definitely had the most blendability.

Unfortunately, there's not too much more I can say because I only have one face (I know - whaaa'?!) and it's not super dry or aging, but I was impressed that they used pure oils, it's parabens-free and has ingredients that are renowned for certain properties like jojoba for moisture, rosehip seed oil for replenishing and frankincense for calming.. instead of other drugstore products that seem to like to print random plants on their packaging and hope for the best! As I said above, I think it's a good place to start for those who suffer from incredibly dry skin.

The two I can really vouch for are the Bodhi Desert Rose and Clarins Lotus Oil - the former for dehydrated skin and the latter for combination/oily skin, purely because at the time of use, I had the skintype the products were tailored for. While the review of the other two products probably aren't the most credible you will find on the internet, the range of face oils available is only proof to the fact that the market is catching on to the trend!

So definitely have a look around for one that does what you need it to, because long gone are the days where oils are only for the dry-skinned.



  1. I really like using oils because they totally work on helping my skin to not be as dry i used DR Jacksons and its pretty awesome

  2. I've been using the Clarins Lotus Oil for a few months now and I love it! I find the scent to be very soothing and it feels so nice and nourishing on my skin.

  3. These sound brilliant, I will have to try them out!

    Maria xxx

  4. I love face oils! :) I have to try the Sactuary one. It sounds great! I have very dry skin. Great reviews!


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