Christmas at Harvey Nichols

"Christmas already?!" I hear you say? It does get earlier every year in the commercial world, but hey, the thought might cool you down? Tell me you don't miss the freezing air and warm atmosphere while you wonder if the water bottle you just downed is now secreting through your pores..

A few weeks ago I walked through Mayfair feeling substantially underdressed and made my way to the Harvey Nichols' Christmas press day. And yes, it was lovely to be in an air-conditioned room and appreciate fairy lights and the displays of cinnamon-flavoured food (yes I was tempted to pretend to be a food blogger so I could nibble on the tasters pensively..) whilst gandering through some glorious Christmas collections. Here are a few of my favourites that I plan on occasionally vehemently waving in front of my boyfriend's face in the weeks leading up to the holidays..


I always thought Penhaligon's was a bit of an 'old' brand, but after smelling some of their scents at this event, I was very impressed! This year's Christmas collection is themed around Victorian bird cages, and feature gorgeous tins that are destined for much more than just cookie tins! They have really good deals with body lotion/perfume duos, and the two smaller tins in the front include four of the most popular scents from the brand. They're pricey perfumes but they're ingredients are all natural and some of them are real gems!


Benefit was one of the few brands I've bought Christmas specials from, and those were the sets of three boxed blushes - I have the Powda Wowza (reviewed here) from 2 years ago, which is a trio of Hoola, Coralista and Bella Bamba. I couldn't have made a better combo myself!

Unfortunately, Benefit have stopped these and started stackable tins stuffed with some of their best selling products. They're keeping on their lipgloss set tradition, as well as their make-up palettes - this year's is called Groovy Kind-a Love, with four neutral powder eyeshadows, a pink duo blusher, They're Real mascara, Benetint and a Porefessional.

In addition, Benefit are bringing out a new perfume called Noelle, which has a much sweeter, heavier and caramel-y tone which is very different from the rest - very suitable for the winter season!


Bareminerals have a singular offering on the make-up front this year, and that's the palette you see above. The eyeshadows are useable shades and super smooth, and you get a blusher, bronzer and two lip colours. Although the contents look fantastic and it'd be a great gift as it would be really handy for anyone, I've got to say I'm not a massive fan of the shiny, zip-up packaging.

However, I'm very excited for the brush sets - these are SUPER soft, reasonably firm and very different from their mainline brushes. Both sets have a good range of brushes that can do your whole face with. I love the addition of the buffing brushes on both sets which would work beautifully with bronzer and foundation alike, and the eye brushes are just stunning! They were all trimmed really nicely, and there was not a single sign of fraying. Be excited, fellow brush lovers!

Along with the collection comes two tinted lipbalms, which apparently has been released before and due to its popularity, brought back.


I've saved the best for last. The Lancome collection really blew it out the water - it's the one I thought was really Christmassy yet simple. It remained linked to the brand's identity and played on the brand's strengths. Whilst drooling over these beauties, I also caught a waft of Lancome's La Vie Est Belle perfume.. Gor. geois. (Pronounced 'gorgwah')

Swarovski-crusted lipstick, anyone?

Sparkly and furiously festive shades - both for the bold lovers and the nude afficionados.

I could not get over this beauty - the packaging is disgustingly gorgeous! Cue googly glowing bushbaby eyes. The Hypnose Star Mascara itself is actually pretty good as well as far as I can tell from the mini I got from a magazine before. It adds loads of volume, separates nicely but lacks a little curl-hold for my stubborn lashes, but it'd be enough for most people.

Very similar to the Chanel Illusion d'Ombres, I'm absolutely loving these - the formula is so soft and blendable. I love the Lancome emblem on the lid, and the colour selection is quite different from Chanel's.

Phwoarrrrrr. The lovely light pink frost of this highlighter is spot on for festivities - beware those who get attracted to pretty-looking make-up - this stuff is lethal.

Other brands I saw were Laura Mercier, Yves Saint Laurent and Burt's Bees - some of these collections are available at Harvey Nichols as early as September! Whether you're a keen Christmas-gift shopper or you're in a mood for a pick-me-up, Christmas at Harvey Nichols should be very, very exciting this year!



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