A Mask For All Occasions

As most of you probably know, my skin is a little extremely bipolar - most of the time it's normal/combination and dehydrated, but other times it can get incredibly oily down the t-zone and at other times, it can be super dry around my cheeks, and even right where I'm oily! So let's just say I've been on both sides of the fence!

Now when it comes to masks, there are usually very defined purposes - to unclog pores, to infuse hydration, to dry out spots, etc., etc., But what about us combination-skinned gals? I've recently found a mask that is PERFECT for us.. a mask for all occasions, if you'd like!

The Elemis Freshskin masks come in a box with 6 sachets - 3 Deep Clean Purifying Face Mask and 3 Magical Moisture Quenching Face Mask.

The Deep Clean Purifying Face Mask is mud-like and really helps to draw out impurities in your skin. In my experience, my skin feels much softer and my pores look smaller and cleaner.There are lots of masks out there that claim to do this, and this one definitely does what it says on the tin - but I do know that there are others out there that have similar effects.

The Magical Moisture Quenching Face Mask, on the other hand, really surprised me. It feels like a really thick moisturiser, and leaves the most amazing feeling skin. You're talking smoothness, hydration, plumpness and coolness. Although I use a mixture of hydrating products, this always makes the biggest difference - I have no more dry patches and my skin feels really healthy. I don't use hydrating masks very often, but this one surpassed my expectations and I'm not sure I could expect any more from a mask!

The sachets come with an extremely generous 7ml, and even with a massive face like mine I'm sometimes left wondering where I should layer up the most product! I also featured this in my Girls' Night In post, because it's perfect for when there's several people involved as everyone has different skintypes (and some of us are blessed with both on one face..)

As with the rest of the Elemis FreshSkin range, these masks are relatively affordable at RRP £15 a box - which works out at just over £2 a sachet, and is available from Elemis, department stores like Debenham's and online at FeelUnique for even cheaper at £9.75.



  1. Thanks for sharing these masks. I have extremely oily skin.

  2. masks make feel so mush more refreshed :)



  3. Oh these look like fun! And great for travel as well :)



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