Holiday Nails? Sorted.

Every holiday season since starting a blog, I've been looking for the perfect holiday nails. First year, I think I painted my nails gold, green and red - acceptable. Last year, I bought Mavala's Pure Diamond. Inching ever so close to the perfect Holiday Nails, this year I've discovered..

Ted Baker Nail Duo in Golden Girl and Totally Twinkle

These new Duo Nail Sets are perfect in so many ways - they're a great formula, they're so light-reflective and perfect for that glitter-covered look, and they are super affordable at £8.50 a pair. They come in two other shades - a blue set (Blue Moon and Space Dust) and a pink set (Cherry Bomb and Sugar Rush). If you're more creative you can even use these separately from each other, but with other polishes from your collection. A great example is the ever so creative and talented Fee!

The curse of a DSLR is that it captures more than the naked eye can see. If you were to see my nails with your bare eyes, you'd think it was a glitterbomb! No matter how you use it, this particular duo is perfect for the festive season with the bling and oomph needed for a proper celebration.

As you can see Golden Girl is actually not as plain of a golden pearl as you may think. It's actually a pearl base with flecks in it, which catches the light like crazy and gives it more edge and a glimmer factor than a smooth pearl. It ups the bling, if you will, and even on its own is perfectly celebratory yet classy. The formula on this one is what you'd expect from something much much more expensive- it's very pigmented yet thin, so it's lightweight on your fingertips and dries super quickly. I was beyond impressed.

Totally Twinkle is a clear base with glitter - but LOTS of glitter. It can be built up quite a lot even in 3 layers, so great if you want aforementioned glitterbomb nails, but also good if you just want a few sparkles here and there. Because the base is quite creamy you can better control where you want the glitter. The drying time was no problem even for an impatient soul like mine, and removing it was not as tedious a task I've known removing other glitter polishes to be.

On both, the brushes are wide and quite flexible, making application very quick and easyThe only thing that annoys me are the square lids that never screw on to the perfect angle once you open it - which is why I popped them off, and they're looking slightly more Chanel than MUA at the moment haha - brilliant! Other than that, I genuinely cannot say anything bad about them.

Not only have I worn the whole shabang to a wedding few weekends ago, I also used them in a slightly obsessive Bond-inspired nails for going to watch Skyfall (I'm a lover of the Bond films! You can see my Solitaire, from Live and Let Die, tutorial from She Said Beauty here.)

It's nice to have a few celebratory nail polishes here and there, and this duo definitely fits the bill with its bling paired with affordability, flexibility and absolutely fantastic formula! :) I will undoubtedly be sporting these on my fingertips closer to the holiday season this year! I do hope Ted comes out with a few more nail polishes because I want more - the formula is too flawless for the price!

You can get the Ted Baker Duo Nail Sets from Boots and in selected Ted Baker stores.

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  1. I like this - a bit of bling but understated enough so it's still chic.

  2. Ooooh! These look like a sure win



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