..Boo! October Favourites & Fails :)

Today is the start of the string of holidays that makes this time of the year one of my favourites - Halloween, Bonfire Night, Thanksgiving, Christmas then New Year's. Is everyone else as excited as I am? :)

Anyway, this month I got to try loads of new things - I dug around, I shopped around, and I got to go to lots of events and try new things - so lots of products I've never spoken about before, and many of them I am just so in love with! Unfortunately I didn't have to time to record a video, so apologies for the bad lighting and the text if you, like myself, prefer videos :( But nonetheless, here are some of my favourites (+) from this month, and regrettably, one fail (-)!

+ CoverFX Powder Brush*
This is a fantastic brush that is like a denser equivalent of the MAC 129 - it's great at multitasking, applying and buffing products like powder, blusher and especially bronzer/contour. The fibers are so thin but absolutely packed, making it one of the softest brushes I've ever used! If you like a slightly heavier application or you have sheer products, this will be a total winner. I could swirl it on my face all day!

I recently wrote a post about this, but basically, the colours are absolutely perfect for the upcoming holiday season. The formula is lightweight, thin, yet extremely pigmented and fast-drying. The brushes are flat and flexible. Honestly can't say anything bad! :)

+ Essie Body Language
Body Language is a taupe-tinged milky grey that is perfect for the colder seasons, but not as dark and intense as some other polishes that are popular around this time of year. Don't expect much from the formula though, it's horrid! However, the colour makes it so worth it :) Check my Instagram for a better photo!

+ Dior Addict Miss Dior 343
This is what I think all tinted lipbalms and lipsticks should be like. Even with my highly pigmented lips, the formula is just enough to make my lips look lighter and peachy, but not completely masked. It's extremely hydrating and easy to use without a mirror :)

+ MAC Satin Taupe Eyeshadow
My long lost love, this is one of my favourite eyeshadows from MAC. It's a plummy brown, and a great crease colour if you want an every day, day-time smokey look which is a look I'm back to sporting after a very long break! :)

+ Clarins Hydra-Matte Lotion
This has been my saviour this month as my oiliness on my combination skin has calmed down, and the formula is just right to matte that out, but also hydrate the normal and dry parts of my face. I wouldn't say it makes my skin normal, but I don't need to powder or blot during the day with this which is a massive relief! This used to not work when the oiliness was crazy but for the mildly oily ladies out there, this is a must-try! :)

+ Dr. Jart+ Most Moist Water-Up Serum*
For me this has been the star of the Dr. Jart+ skincare that I've been trying, and truly the only product I've ever used that I feel hydrates from deep down and actually works on your skin from within, making a long-term difference. It's like moisturising your body - it wont make a long-term difference unless you start drinking more water! (granted that should help your face too haha)
My dehydration lines have minimised and my skin looks a lot healthier and brighter than before. You can tell it sinks in because after looking wet after application,  in about 1-2minutes, you'll notice your face is back to being matte. An absolute star and a recommendation for any skintype, as it doesn't make me oilier or drier, just hydrates from within and keeps you looking healthy :)

- Real Techniques Travel Essentials Brush Set
Oh I was so excited to try my first ever Real Techniques set, but alas it was a no-go for me. The foundation brush I felt was a bit small, and the eyeshadow brush didn't pick up powder very well at all. Although it was okay in blending concealer under the eyes. The Multi-Task Brush I didn't feel picked up powder well either and more than anything, I felt like it didn't deposit much at all. The shape I also found slightly awkward - round, pinched but not very tapered. Very sad indeed to see a fail in a product so many people love! :(

Anyway, those were my favourites and fails of the month! Some absolute gems in there that I was so excited to share with you guys :)
Have you tried any of these products before? What were your favourites & fails this month? Oh, and before I forget..

Happy Halloweeeeen!
Oh I do love a bit of Halloween, me
I do miss the good old days of Trick or Treating, not gonna lie!


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  1. I just got my Real Techniques Core + Starter sets. I hope they don't fail me! :( Other than that ,I love the products you featured. Can't wait to try out most of them!!

    The Misty Mom

    1. I hear so many good things about the Core set though, and honestly I've never heard anyone else say bad things so it's probably just me :) I just don't really get on with synthetic bristles! I hope they don't disappoint :)

  2. It's a shame you didn't like the real techniques brushes. I've heard such good things about them. I haven't tried them out yet, but I might not now.

    1. I have too, so it might just be me! :) I do like their powder brush and expert face brush, and I'm hoping to get their Core Collection too, so don't lose faith in them!

  3. I always forget how much i love satin taupe until I pull it out again!

    1. I'm the same! It's such a gorgeous shade.. :)


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