Fluttering Boudoir Lashes

For the past four years, I haven't tried a single set of fake lashes from the UK which suited my eyeshape. Because of my forward set eyes, lack of a visible hollow and thick eyelids, many of these fake lashes can look, well, fake.

So yes, I'd thought about lash extensions before, wondering if they'd be more customised and 'real' looking than glue-on lashes. To find out the answer, I was given the opportunity to have a go of the half-set from Asma's Boudoir Lashes.

The process..
The process was a synch. The business is run within a Becca salon in South Kensington, by the lovely Asma. She's super nice and very good at what she does. You basically lay down, and the most uncomfortable part is when she tapes down your lower lashes. But that's it and the rest is her doing her thing.

The lash extension business was much more complicated than I had initially thought. There are various brands that make these extensions, and some are more tapered at the ends than others, making them look more natural and flirty. All of the ones Asma uses are black, which means if you have lighter lashes, then Asma will tint your lashes beforehand for a small fee. The basic sets are made with plastic, but Asma also offers cruelty-free Siberian mink fur lashes as well.

As I said, I got the half-set or the Mascara Effect service, which was a 60 minute treatment. And this is how it turned out.

The result..
I absolutely loved the effect. I loved how natural it looked, and I felt my eyes appeared more open. I've found that since I've found the Shu Uemura eyelash curlers, that I just looked more awake, more feminine and my eyes looked bigger - so to have that without any effort whatsoever was absolutely amazing.

What I was most impressed by was how Asma can assess your eye shape and customise lashes for your eye shape. They seemed to be just like my lashes, but longer and more curled.

In terms of how long these last, they looked completely normal on me for 4-5 weeks before I started using mascara/they started looking wonky. They completely fell out just over a month and 3 weeks later - so quite a while! It's a lot longer than I've heard most last, and I think that's primarily due to Asma's techniques and experience. They definitely give you the bang for your buck.

Did the plusses weigh out the minuses?
I think it depends on what you're going for. It's nice to have such a natural look, especially for when you don't wear a lot of make-up i.e. during the warm weathers or when you're super busy.

There were other downsides to this too. One major one was that I couldn't use products with oil or glycols in it - which meant that my favourite Kose Oil Cleanser went out the window, as did my REN Micropolish. Second was that when I wore darker eyeshadows, my lashes would get lost in the colour - this might be different for the Full Effect set. I did also experience some discomfort in the 2nd week with tangling and pulling but that seemed to have been temporary.

You can see my real eyelashes in between the long gorgeous ones ;)

So yay or nay?
There's no denying the ease, quality and prettiness of these. But in terms of cost, it's whether I would pay £90 for this. To be perfectly honest, I probably wouldn't - not for everyday, anyway. As much as I love how it looks, I find £90 to be quite high price for anything temporary. But then again, I've heard cheap and unexperienced application can cause pain and a set that does not last very long - so if you have the dosh, I would highly recommend going to Asma.

The great news is, Boudoir Lashes offer a 2 for 1 deal during the week, so you can bring along a friend for half the price. For £45 I would definitely get this if I'm going on holiday, when I don't want to spend ages getting ready, and I want a natural look and not wear a lot of make-up! No need for lash curling, mascaras or eyeliner really, and I completely trust Asma in the quality of these babies.

Costs aside, I know most people get extensions for special events, but perhaps because I got the half set, I wouldn't recommend these for events where you'll be wearing heavy eye-make up. I'd assume the the Volume Effect, or the full set, would be much more appropriate for upcoming events like Halloween, Christmas or even as far as New Years.

So overall, I think the half sets are more suitable for busy times and holidays. You really can't deny the quality and the benefits of getting lash extensions, but there are a few downsides as well. For £45 though in certain circumstances, I think it'd be completely worth it!

Have you had lash extensions before?


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  1. So pretty! I'd love this for when I go for stretches not wanting to wear mascara/eyeshadows.

  2. Wow, those look STUNNING! The price is pretty inhibitive (considering how long it lasts) but this seems like it'd be a great splurge if you have a lot of special occasions to go through (a slew of summer weddings or fall/winter holiday season).

    Thanks for sharing these pics and your review.


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