Enrapture's Extremity Heated Rollers

A few weeks back I posted a rave review of the Enrapture Totem Styler. I love it, and I still can't get enough of it. Now, I've had a go at another one of Enrapture's creations:

Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers

What You Get..
As with the Totem Styler, this product is high quality. It has a nice strong cable, the body is sturdy and the clips are gorgeous. The lid is slightly flimsy, in that it just kind of rests on the top and doesn't clip. There's a velvet-y coating around the rollers that helps the hairs from catching, and the clips also have metal plates to keep the heat in. I find these help in making your curls turn out very glossy! You get 10 big rollers and 10 smaller rollers.

Now this is probably enough for most but for me, it's shy another 3 or 4 rollers. I have lots and lots of hair as you may know, so even when I stretch to the biggest chunk of hair a roller could hold, I usually end up with just two rollers to do my entire crown. So for those with super thick hair (I'd say averagely thick hair is okay), I'd be slightly wary unless you plan to use rollers just for one part of your hair.

What surprised me however, is that the length of your hair doesn't matter. Granted your roots will never curl completely well with rollers, that's not really the look most people go for with these. If you have ever read Corrie's blog (and if you haven't you have no excuse not to now), you know her hair is lusciously long - and she gets on with these just fine. In fact, 'fine' is an understatement - I wish my hair turned out like hers with these! (More on that later!)

How easy is it to use?
In terms of ease of use, let's just say I was as "beginner" as I could possibly have been - I don't think I'd ever even been in the same room as a set of heated rollers before! For me, it wasn't the machine I found difficult to use, but rather the rolling itself. There's a lot of things that you kind of grasp as you go, so you have to be willing to invest that time to learn how to use them if you are also a beginner. I think it took me about 5 go's before I was willing to go out with what I'd rolled!

But I think the quality of the rollers, how quickly the rollers heated (5min) and how easy it was to understand how they worked made it a lot easier for me to keep persisting. The heat penetrated the rollers so well (when I go back to rewrap a chunk literally right after I'd just clipped them in, it's already slightly curled!), the clips were easy to attach and remove, and it's never tugged or pulled my hair - even with my kack-handedness! Trying is hardest when you know the result is impossible with what you have, but it was always quite clear it was me and not the rollers :P.

How does it make your hair?
Now in terms of results - I must say I'm not as big of a fan as the results the Totem Styler give me, but that's just taste. The results are what I imagine you'd get if you used a curler and a styler - lots of big waves and volume up at the top, and big bouncy curls at the bottom. It looks quite classy, elegant and very sophisticated - adjectives to describe myself? Not by a mile! (I'm more of a cray-hair person, as you may know from my last perm.. no, no link, not making it easy for you to find that shot! :P) But it's definitely a good one to have up my sleeve should anything of that sort come up at a very short notice.

Given my problems with big hair, and not liking the above hairstyle for everyday, I've been trying to use the big rollers on my crown and fringe, and my Totem Styler on the rest of my hair. I found the big rollers are absolutely superb for getting that airy big-ness at the top that looks very polished but not overdone (a la beehive). These are my favourite part of having the rollers, and what makes these rollers so different from curlers in my opinion!

I still haven't got these rollers down to a T, even after a month, although the bends and kinks have slowly disappeared. If you're a beginner, be prepared to be patient! :)

Overall, I can't deny it's a great product - it's high-quality, easy to use and very different from what a curling iron can give you. I think whether it's worth the higher price tag (definitely by no means the most expensive product, but there are cheaper options) is how familiar you are with it, and if you aren't, how much you plan on using it. Either way, I think it's hard to be dissatisfied with the product itself because I genuinely cannot see a fault!

Apologies for the slightly vague review - I know without comparisons with other products and "how-to"s, these things can be slightly annoying. Hopefully in the future I'll master these like a boss, and bring you guys a tutorial!

Have you tried heated rollers before?
What are your thoughts on Enrapture's products?

You can get the Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers for £75 on Debenham's, BootsArgos or other stockists.


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  1. I've always wondered about heated rollers, as I tend to use the old style metal ones (with the plastic 'swords') as opposed to heat styling. I am terrible at putting them in though and can't imagine how dangerous I'd be with hot ones!

  2. I really want to try these, I love the look of my hair when I do it with rollers!

    Maria xxx


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