Oh Dior, You've Done It Again..

No question about it, my favourite department store brand is Dior. This love developed in the last year, when I purchased my favourite foundation, Diorskin Forever. And a few weeks later, they came out with the infamous woven-look summer bronzers, Aurora and Sunset (which you can see here on Ms Purple Make-Up's blog).

And OH how I lemmed after Aurora for WEEKS. Literally, lemmed. Yet I couldn't bring myself to part with the cash..

Fast forward a year and I found myself in the exact same position, lemming for a very similar colour, but with their new bronzers from the Le Croisette Collection S/S 2012. This time, I decided to bite the bullet, and armed with a 10% off code for Debenhams, this absolute beauty fell into my hands:

Diorskin Nude Tan Healthy Glow Enhancing Powder in 002 Sunlight

I ADORE the packaging. This year's bronzer comes in a circular packaging, embossed with the classic Dior pattern. I think it's very classy, and much more understated than your typical navy, duo-whatever, bulky square Dior case. This one is sleek, and understated. It's weighted but not uncomfortably so - it's rather quite comfortably weighted. The case also shuts with a magnet. The size is that of a MAC MSF/N, and I think the amount is the same as well. It also comes with a kabuki which after using a powder brush, I feel is the best brush to apply this product.

And now onto the product itself.. :)

I know, she's a beaut! :)

I fell in love! Probably more than I did with Aurora last year, because 1) it's a perfect mix of peach, pink and tan, so very versatile and 2) because you can use the shades individually (which I think was a criticism of last year's, so good on Dior!). It seemed like a prettier, more youthful version of Dior's sculpting powders, although those can be used for all over the face too. Do keep in mind that in real life, the D and the E are a bit peachier than what you see.

In terms of the range, it consists of 4 palettes like this one. The one you see above is Sunlight 002, and the others include Aurora 001, Zenith 003 and Sunset 004. I think it's only in Europe that you can get all 4 shades, which pleased me to no end! The latter 2 are more like the traditional bronzers, in that they are quite dark and warm-toned, whereas Aurora and Sunlight are much lighter, pinker and more like a blush bronzer. Whether Aurora and Sunset are the same as last year's is something I couldn't, for the life of me, figure out online.

Left to right: N/E, U/D, mixture of everything.

Generally what I do, is use N/E for contour, and U/D for my cheeks, or just mix everything onto that general area.

And my oh my - it gives THE most gorgeous, subtle glow, EVER. On my medium/tan skintone (about NC35 - I've been using this on my Diorskin Forever 030), it's less harsh than a contour but brown enough to sculpt, but still pink enough to add a flush - so it's like the perfect mixture of glowing, sculpting and flushing. I've been wearing quite plain make-up recently, with no eyeshadow and nude lips, just mascara and eyeliner, so this really goes with the theme. It's perfect for that understated or no make-up look, or if you want either your eyes or your lips to be the focus. I'm a blusher-lover and a bronzer-lover, so this was really a good spend for me and very good for the make-up bag as it goes with any look, and it's also a 2-in-1. It's just generally ridiculously stunning for your skin.

Would I pay the £37? I think I would. But I think the catch with this product is finding your right shade out of the 4 (i.e. Aurora, Sunlight, Zenith, Sunset), and also what you want from the product - whether you want a blusher/bronzer, or just one or the other. If I'd gone into a store I imagine many store attendants would have directly told me to go for Zenith or Sunset because they're darker and would've been the proper bronzer for me, but a bronzer isn't what I wanted. So go with what you want, not what you're supposed to want. Also, if you want a strictly contouring product, Dior have made a permanent line that looks exactly like this, but with all one colour, which comes in I think about 6 shades? So lots of choice.

You know when you splurge and then try the product, and a part of you is left disappointed even if you like the product generally - just because it's not perfect? Yeah, none of that with this for me, because there isn't a single penny I regret spending on this! :) It's a feeling I haven't had for a very long time so it was very exciting indeed!

How did you feel about this new collection this year?
Any Dior lovers out there too? :)


  1. the packaging is the prettiest thing I've ever seen!!

    1. I definitely think it's an improvement! :)

  2. This is so pretty, I love the peachy colours!

    Maria xxx

  3. Oh my, that is beautiful. I've never tried anything by DIOR but I may seriously consider parting with the cash for this!
    Jess xo

    1. Oh Dior stuff is usually worth the cash in my opinion! :) Definitely recommend looking into them if you need any face products :)

  4. gimme gimme gimme!! so gorgeous, love the packaging!

    1. Hahaha oh we're so superficial but I agree! ;)

  5. I might have just drooled! Love the packaging! I want it but I won't get it as Aurora doesn't get used enough!!x


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