L'Oreal S/S 2012 Miss Candy Collection

I'm not that big on collections in general, but this one definitely caught my eye - it's the L'Oreal Miss Candy Collection :)

I think the main reason it drew me in was the atypical mix of pastels and brights. The pastels are so gentle and suitable for the softness of spring and the simplicity of summer, but the brights complement the warm weather that comes with both the seasons. This collection is already out in Boots and Superdrug.

Miss Candy Glam Shine Lipgloss
£7.65 each

711 Nude Bon Bon, 710 Pink Treat, 709 Miss Candy, 712 Dolce Pralina, 703 Tart Lolipop

The lipglosses just look so delicious, smell marzipan-y and the rose gold packaging is to die for - very cool how they changed it from the silver they use on the non-swirly GlamShines! I'm not a massive lipgloss girl, but there were two that actually caught my eye - Nude Bon Bon and Pink Treat. I imagine if I didn't have so many lipglosses I would have picked up Nude Bon Bon myself, as I find the size to be perfect for on the go, and the heart-tip applicator to be incredibly useful (much like The Body Shop Love Gloss which is one of my favourite lipglosses!). The formula is not too sticky and lasts quite a while as well. So if you're looking for a lipgloss, I do recommend the GlamShine range in general for its formula and packaging!

The shade range of this collection is interesting - it fits in with the collection theme, but I'm not 100% sure if people would be keen on is the silver addition to Miss Candy and Dolce Pralina, or the sparkliness of the middle three. I also know that the colours mix up once you start using them, which is a shame but hey - appreciate the small things right? :P

Miss Candy Color Riche Nail Polish
£4.99 each

101 Opera Ballerina, 202 Marie Antoinette, 305 Dating Coral, 213 Sassy Pink, 304 Spicy Orange, 616 Innocent Green, 601 French Riviera

The first to catch my eye was Opera Ballerina which I instantly put on my nails after I received it. While Opera Ballerina, French Riviera and Marie Antoinette are all not very opaque, when applied correctly in about 3 layers, it looks nice, delicate and pretty, as your nail still slightly shows through. However, I say "applied correctly" because they're all very prone to streaking. The formula was so different from the L'Or collection nail polishes, which were fast-drying, thin but extremely pigmented!

On the whole, I do like Color Riche polishes because they're cheap, easy to store, and the brushes are flat and the perfect width for easy application. But it's more suitable for people who put a lot of importance in packaging/application, or like the semi-opaque look (for the pale shades - as I said, the L'Or ones were super pigmented!). If that's you, these are 100% worth checking out! :)

My only comment about the Miss Candy nail polish range as a whole, is that most of the shades are not particularly unique - but maybe it's because they're such well-loved shades all shoved in one collection that it's so pretty to look at!

My favourite out of the lot is French Riviera - it's a baby blue with tiny dark blue sparkles, alongside Opera Ballerina! Note that there are 3 more colours available in this range - 602 Pearl Jade, 210 Shocking Pink and 303 Lush Tangerine. The newly designed colours are Sassy Pink and Innocent Turquoise.

Miss Candy Color Infallible Eyeshadows
£6.99 each

031 Innocent Turquoise, 036 Naughty Strawberry, 032 Sassy Marshmallow

These eyeshadows are such a cool formula, being a mix of powder, gel and mousse. The texture makes them so easy to blend, and easy to use with the fingers. Did I mention the pigmentation is phenomenal?

But I always find L'Oreal's colour choices for these Infallible Eyeshadows very odd.. they never seem to go for shades that everyone would easily wear, and instead seem to stretch on a limb to choose shades that are unique (good) but slightly daring or even odd to wear (not so good). I think in the L'Or collection they had 1 that I could see myself wearing, and out of these 3 I think Sassy Marshmallow may be the equivalent. These are relatively new formulas so I hope in the future they come out with more 'everyday' shades that I want to snap up!

Overall, a great collection. It has a clear theme, cute colours and adorable names which I imagine cater for a wide range of tastes and makes it generally lovely to look at - I can't fault them on that, it's spot on! I think the main let-downs were the eyeshadow colour choices, and for some, the nail polish formulas.

What are your thoughts on the Miss Candy collection?
What are your feelings on drugstore brands releasing collections?

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  1. wow!! love the nailpolishes, the colours look amazing!!

    xo kerker
    The Ugly Moments

  2. The staying power of those eyeshadows is amazing - I think I'm going to see what Sassy Marshmallow looks like in person :) the Dating Coral polish looks like a dupe for my fave Chanel Orange Fizz too! Pretty collection xx

  3. Ooh I really want to try out those lipglosses! The nail polishes look great too :)

  4. The Innocent Turquoise shadow looks gorgeous! I want to see swatches!

  5. Ooooh, this is definitely such a cute collection. I love the eyeshadow shades but I just don't feel comfortable wearing coloured makeup to work yet, sticking to neutrals feels a lot more professional. I have loads of bright eyeshadows which I now only wear on weekends / evenings, so buying more just seems a massive waste... x

  6. I'm such a sucker for cute collections!! Although on their own these colours aren't too intreging for me (other then the eyeshadows!) Great post :)

  7. The Glam' Shine ones look great!

  8. Everything looks so pretty. Like the look of the eyeshadows, especially Naughty Strawberry. x


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