If I Had A Lot of Money Wishlist #1

I've been wanting a high-end quad for a while, and I think Chanel is my poison of choice! The colours are a good combo with lots of different looks that I'd actually wear, and I love the little domes :) I know there's been a bit of controversy with what GossMakeUpArtist said and while I do agree that it's unfair - we've got to make do. A possible Duty Free purchase perhaps?

M&S Rectangular Mirror Jewellery Box (for make up of course :P) £49.50

An accidental find when I was at Bluewater with Emma, I think this would be perfect on my vanity as a make up case! Ideally, all my make up would fit in this, but let's face it - that's not happening any time soon :P I still think it'd be very good for storing the most-used products and doing a Shopping The Stash once in a while. I think my favourite part about this box are the gem handles!

I've been lemming for this for months! Need I say more?

This as well, I've been lemming for ages, alongside the Koh Gen Do Aqua foundation, which I'm still choosing between. I still have some gift vouchers - providing they have my shade (which is a 50/50 chance as many Japanese brands only cater for NC20-ish shades) so a possible purchase for the summer :)

MAC 150 £32.50

As much as I do like my Real Techniques powder brush, as it applies powder unrealistically evenly, I just feel it's not a 'dusting' brush. Sometimes it's just too dense and feel that it's moving the foundation underneath unless I hold it at the very end. I've been impressed at how much better a condition all my MAC brushes are in, despite being my oldest brushes, and feel like going back to my 'roots' let's say, and having a bit of a splurge. Powder brushes are an essential - I think I can justify it! :)

WHSmith Pink Nested Storage Boxes £10.99

This has been on my wishlist since I saw Vivianna Does Make Up's collection video, where she puts her 'stock' in a big box, and rotates what she uses in a smaller basket. I thought this would work for me as I've actually lost track what I have in my room as they're scattered everywhere, and I think this organization will help me use stuff up. I love the pink these come in - now the problem is finding an WHSmith that has them!



  1. Love this post! I should do one and get all my "if only" purchases out of my head!

  2. I have some WHSmith storage boxes in cakey sweet print that I use to store all my art supply/stationery stuff - one big one for art supplies/stationery, one medium size for stickers (I am a big kid at heart and have a ridiculous amount) and a thin one for my important documents. I have to say they're incredibly strong and sturdy. Definitely a good purchase and I got all 3 for £12 :D Also I really want a MAC brush! x

  3. I enjoy these posts!! Haven't done one in aaages!! I've been really wanting to try Real Technique brushes!!

  4. Love all your picks Yu. Avon True Color eyeshadow quads look so identical to the Chanel quads so perhaps you can take a look at some of them? Granted you won't get that ''I'm so rich'' feeling when you purchase them but sure why not right? ;)

    ps I'm not an Avon rep nor am I associated with them- I just really love the brand. :)

  5. Nice Post :) I think make-up brushes are on mine.

    Though I have the Chanel quad (a different one), I don't think it's that great. The quality is no better than the MAC/UD eye shadows I own. I think Bourjois do a similar one too.

  6. That Chanel quad was one of the first high end products I ever bought and I absolutely love it! It is my go to eyeshadow look, and although it is a lot of money I don't regret buying it! The only thing I think is a bit of shame about it is that you can't buy them as single eyeshadows, and now one of my colours has run out if I want to buy it again I have to buy the whole quad. This might not be the case for all of Chanel's quads though xx


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