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You guys know I love my events - I love hearing stories behind products, I love hearing what the brand is about, and I love to get a feel of why the brand ever wanted to exist, and these are things you don't often get at counters and stores. The other day I had one of the most exciting, fulfilling and thought-provoking opportunities to visit Dr. Linda Papadopoulos's lovely home to learn about her skincare range, LP Skin Therapy.

LP Skin Therapy is a range that centres around psychodermatology. This basically means that people like Dr. Linda study the connection between emotions and your skin. Now we all hear about the scents in products that de-stress us and whatnot, but LP Skin Therapy approaches this with science rather than alternative medical approaches like aromatherapy.

There are 2 main aspects to her products that make the line more than just a lovely-smelling line (which they actually really are) - cortisol and nootropics. Cortisols are hormones that are released when you're stressed, and in low levels they help to de-stress you. But in high levels, they can actually activate things in the body that happen whilst you're stressed - like blocked pores, premature aging and breakouts. Nootropics are ingredients that alleviate these effects that stress has on your skin.

LP Skin Therapy products contain varieties of nootropics that will counter these effects. So it isn't a range that de-stresses you necessarily, but tricks your skin into thinking that you aren't stressed, so your skin is in a healthy, unstressed-you condition :)

Now I'm always slightly skeptical of 'one-size-fits-all' skincare, but the reason for LP Skin Therapy is simple. I personally find that stress can not only lead to breakouts but also excessive oiliness, and I'm sure others experience other symptoms. Stress can basically worsen your worst skin concerns.  But because these problems have a common source - stress - it makes sense to only have one 'size'. It's a much more holistic and psychological approach, than the more quick-fix and purely scientific one that many other brands take.

It all sounds well and good, right? Everything seems to make sense (especially to a science dummy like myself anyway), so I am very excited to have been offered a few products to try for myself. This includes their Uplifting Facial Water, Multi-task Day Cream, Untired Eye Cream and Refining Lip Exfoliator - so keep your eyes out for reviews in the future!

Although I went there to talk about this range, I got to know more about Dr. Linda herself as well. So much of what she deals with in and outside of LP Skin Therapy, like psychodermatology, child sexualisation, body image, inner-beauty - is about helping and empowering people to not let skin and body troubles hold you back from fulfilling your potential. You could tell she was dying for people to try this line and understand why she does it and why she believes in it, and it just reminded me how this kind of humanity is astonishingly lacking in the beauty industry. It was incredibly refreshing to see such good-willed passion and belief!

She was also saying how she didn't want this range to be seen as a 'celebrity perfume release' (which is something that I can only assume doesn't cross many celebrity-perfume-makers' minds - obviously). Her academic background is evidence to how much she knows about this topic, and how it wasn't just her saying, "I want something that alleviates stress, surprise me!" It's a result of her personal research and expertise, which makes this brand so much more personal than Justin Bieber and his perfumes..

Overall, it was an incredible, incredible opportunity. I got to learn about an incredibly unique range, with such a strong emotional ethos, and I also got to chat with the person behind it all! We got to talking about all kinds of things ranging from human rights to UGGs - a truly genuine, laid-back and inspiring person! I really can't do justice to what I got from this meeting.

Aisling from fash-ling also had this opportunity, and has put it much more eloquently than I on her post here - I wholeheartedly recommend a read, as I was nodding and smiling throughout the whole post! :)


LP Skin Therapy is sold on the website here, as well as on QVC. Dr. Linda's next appearance on QVC is this Tuesday12th June at 6PM, which will also be streamed online for us students who have no tele :)

Dr. Linda will also be at The Only Way is Blogging event on Saturday 16th June for those of us who can travel to London. She'll be talking about body image and confidence. She is seriously such a cool person guys, I'd recommend popping by, if only to meet her! :)

Have you tried LP Skin Therapy?
I can preemptively say that the Uplifting Facial Water is looking promising! :)

*PR Event, items received for consideration.


  1. Great write up Yu! I love the Facial Water, it's a great pick me up product. I can't wait to hear how you get on with testing out the range.

  2. I have never heard of this line! I love the idea and science behind it. I wish I could find a list of full ingredients to her products. I heard that the face wash smells like oranges, I would lOVE that! xx

    1. Yeah there are some on the back of the product, if you ask JayneJRead on Twitter, I'm sure she will tell you! :)

  3. I don't mean to sound cheeky or dumb, but how do you get invited to events? xo

    1. That's okay, you usually just get emails from PRs :)


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