Review: Apivita Haircare (Shampoo & Mask)

I used to have a holy grail haircare routine, way back when before I started dabbling in other products. And right before I decided to go back to them, I found out they both tested on animals and took that as a sign to keep looking, and my journey's continued. Here are the two products that I've been trying recently:

(Dry-Dehydrated Hair with Almond & Honey)

One thing that I do love about the Apivita range (besides the lack of parabens, SLS and being very high in natural ingredients - usually around 90%+), in both their skincare and their haircare, is that they categorize products depending on your needs. However, I have found that with this range, it might be necessary to slightly adjust your standards of dehydration, or oiliness! But more on that later :)


I ADORED the shampoo. I loved the sweetish honey smell, I really liked the consistency, and I love the size of the product and ease of packaging. The flip top is really easy to open, even with wet hands, and the bottle is squeezable so you aren't stood there butt-nekkid, waiting for the product to drip out. The packaging is very nice-looking in your shower too with the brown bottle, and embossed lid with the pretty Apivita logo :)

In comparison to other SLS-free shampoos that I've tried, I found that it lathered really well, and that my hair didn't feel so rough after I washed it out, which I was incredibly impressed by. After drying off, my hair was always soft, smooth and clean-feeling - it was literally like any other shampoo, but without the nasties like parabens and SLS. I would happily use this over other shampoos, even if it had nasties - i.e. the condition of my hair was as good, if not better, than shampoos with parabens and SLS. I think the product will last me maybe 2.5 months . For €11.90 and the quality ingredients, I think it's reasonable, and a good length of time before you may get bored of using a single product. I would 100% repurchase this - but I still stand by my initial review a few months ago, that a €9 (£7) shipping cost is quite expensive.


The mask was also good, but not as impressive as the shampoo. I felt that this lightly moisturized, rather than intensively nourished. If you were committed to using non-SLS/paraben products, I think this one (and Apivita in general) is a great place to start because it wasn't difficult to use at all in terms of consistency and results, which can really be the sticking point with these natural products! But personally, I think my search will continue for a more nourishing mask. So for the time being, I used this mask more like a conditioner, and enjoyed it very much that way.

But because it was created as a mask, the full-size is a bit small. The picture you see above is 50mL which is 1/3 of the full size, and I think I probably got about 4 or 5 uses. Because I used it like a conditioner, I think €11.20 may be a bit much, but if you were using it as a mask I think it's a really good price.

'Slightly adjusting your standards..'

Now, back to the 'slightly adjust your standards' bit. I found that both these products dried out my scalp, which to be fair, I find quite common amongst organic, SLS-free haircare products. I have never struggled with dandruff, or even pieces of scalp in my hair, but I definitely had the latter using even one of these two products, and I know my mom struggles with that because she uses organic haircare too. But my hair felt ABSOLUTELY gorgeous and I loved the fact that I could get that effect without the nasty ingredients. So I think if you're thinking of buying these products, you have to kind of step it up a notch  - i.e. I have a 'normal' scalp, so will use the dry scalp range next time - and people with an oily scalp might find this range more suitable. I also think the key for me personally, as I can't see myself repurchasing the mask, would be to use a more moisturizing conditioner, hair oil or a scalp treatment after the shampoo.

In Conclusion..

Like I said, the best part about Apivita's products, besides the amazing ingredients, is the fact that they tailor to your needs. They have 15 - YES, 15 - types of shampoo for different hair issues you may have - you're bound to find something that works for you, if you keep the drying aspect in mind.

So overall, I was incredibly impressed with these two products and I would wholeheartedly buy a more suitable shampoo from Apivita myself. I think it's hard to find organic products that deliver similar results to products that are high in chemicals, so the shampoo is an absolute winner in my books.

However, the downside again, is the €9 (£7) shipping cost to the UK - I'd think about £5 would be reasonable, but your country may stock Apivita products, so it's worth checking here. My other favourite from Apivita is their hand cream, so it may be worth it if you plan on spending a bit, or splitting the costs with a friend. They also have free shipping for orders over €70, if you fancy a splurge :)

I would love it if they started stocking in the UK - they have an amazing range of products that I really want to try more of, that you can check out here. I'm in love with their product design and company ethos. The candles, the massage oils, bath salts..

Shall we start a petition? ;)
What are your thoughts on these products/Apivita?

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  1. Truly so glad you like the Greek Apivita products. I have to tell you that the chapsticks and the hairdyes are trully unbelievable!!!
    Love from Greece,

    1. Ooo I've never tried them! I'll think about them if I order stuff, thank you! :)

  2. These look exciting!

    1. Haha they were good just wish my scalp didn't flake :(


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