Event: L'Oreal The L'OR Electric Collection

Last night I went to the L'Oreal L'OR Electric launch with some other lovely blogger girls (namely Siobhan, Gem and Charli - hellooooo!), and had a fabulous time.. so why not blog about it?! XD

The L'OR Electric

The L'OR Electric collection was created to celebrate the 15th anniversary of L'Oreal sponsoring the Cannes Festival, and supposedly models the fluorescence and electric colours of the 80's. Each product has a dual-tone that is meant to make products look different in different lights. The collection will hit stores later in May, and while it is a collection, they may or may not keep it as a permanent line depending on what the general reaction is like :)

The collection consists of..

3 Color Riche nail varnishes, £4.99 each: Magic Croisette 811, Mythic Carpet 810, Mystic Blue 809.
3 Color Riche lipsticks, £8.16 each: Metallic Coral 407, Prismatic Pink 404, Electric Fuscia 402.
2 La Couleur eyeshadows, £6.99 each: Metallic Lilac 037 (pictured above), Magnetic Coral 039 (pictured below).

I agree. They could've picked better names..

When I first saw the collection I was a bit like, "Oh.." - but I think it's because I just tend not to do much with brights. However, I'm happy to say that swatching the products made all the difference - I think with a bit of courage, even neutral girls like me will enjoy this collection :)

Color Riche Nail Polishes

Mystic Blue 809, Magic Croisette 811, Mythic Carpet 810

I wouldn't believe it if I was reading this, so I won't blame you if you don't, but that's one coat each. I kid you not.

The application was super smooth, the brush shape is perfect, the pigmentation is amazing (although usually I think I'd do 2 just in case), and my favourite part - the formula is so thin that it dries really really fast. After I did these 3, I instantly walked out the door to get my dinner and I only have slight grazes, but no sign of the nail underneath. Mystic Blue has a dark blue dualtone, Magic Croisette has silver iridescence and Mythic Carpet has a lovely gold dualtone.

My personal favourite out of these three is definitely Mystic Blue. However, I doubt I'd pick any of the colours up myself if I'd seen them in store, because L'Oreal have loads of other absolutely stunning permanent colours that I would have picked! BUT I'm really glad to have Mystic Blue because now that I've got to swatch it, I would have purchased it!

Color Riche Lip Sticks

Lipsticks Top to Bottom: Metallic Coral 407, Prismatic Pink 404 , Electric Fuchsia 402

I think initially, the lipsticks were what I was the most excited about. I love the L'Oreal packaging but never picked one up so I was really excited to try some! The formula is very moisturizing and relatively sheer, especially with the bottom 2.

But again, my gut feeling is that I wouldn't pick them up if I just saw them in store, mainly because they're pearlescent and in the tube, they look very hard to wear, and the permanent shades have more comfortable shades. BUT again, swatching made me change my mind.

The bottom 2 shades are my favourites. Electric Fuchsia is like a sheerer, slightly shimmery MAC Girl About Town which it unique but classy. The dual tone isn't too obvious in this one, nor in the Metallic Coral. Metallic Coral is also nowhere near as pearly when applied as in the tube. Prismatic Pink is SO scary in the tube for a medium-toned girl like me, but again, this is very sheer and the VERY cool thing is the blue pearlescent in it - much cooler than the typical silver/gold. Now THAT is how you do uniqool (I mashed unique and cool, not sure if it worked though.)

Again, like the nail polishes, I may not have picked up Electric Fuchsia, nor uniqool Prismatic Pink, but if I'd gotten to try them (and no, not the manky samples in drugstores) I think I may have done!

La Couleur Eyeshadows

Eyeshadows: Magnetic Coral 039 & Metallic Lilac 037 

The reason why I did 2 photos of the same swatches is for these eyeshadows - look at the SHINE (and the blue iridescence in Prismatic Pink)! These are the winners of the line in my opinion. I've only swatched the Chanel Illusion d'Ombre (I think?!) eyeshadows, but these I imagine, are similar. They're like a bouncy, creamy but light formula, and pigmentation and blendability is absolutely fantastic. I think these 2 shades are stunning (the dual tone more apparent in Metallic Lilac), and I've only swatched them but they claim to be waterproof and longwearing.

I actually think I may have purchased Metallic Lilac (try saying that 3 times real fast!) had I seen it in store, because the shade is very unique. It's a grey-purple base, with mostly silver shimmers but I could swear there are other colours in there too. It's so colourful and gorgeous, and I think all 4 of us when we swatched it said something along the lines of, "Oooo..". I'm very tempted to go check out the permanent shades!

L'Oreal has had some briliant releases this year, and some of those were up for display. The Rouge Caresse lipsticks and the Lumi Magique line have occupied my wishlist on numerous occasions. Siobhan and I were OOO-ing over the pastel nail polishes in the last picture for ages, and I may pick some up! If they're anything like the ones in the L'OR collection, they are bound to be amazing.

All that said - I do wish L'Oreal would stop testing their ingredients on animals. I'm not an animal rights activist, obviously, but I do think it's something that they could stop doing to make their brand more accessible.

All in all, I really enjoyed the collection. For me, it wasn't initially very appealing, but once I got the feel of the products, as well as saw them individually, as opposed to part of a collection, I found it VERY cool, good, daring, artistic and interesting. Although, I only saw the dual-tone theme in a few of the products, but the fluorescent bit - oh yeah, saw that one.

One thing I wondered was whether they released this collection at the right time of the year. At first glance, I thought it was more of a nighttime collection and I thought it was very risky but cool that L'Oreal went down that route, when everyone else is resorting to the default pastels and summer brights.  However, I think when you look at individual shades, this can be a summery collection - the orange eyeshadow, the lipsticks and the pink and blue nail polishes are TOTALLY summer, but rockable on nights out as well! :)


Overall, I really enjoyed the event and getting to know the L'Oreal brand. The themes and ideas behind their collections really are intriguing and unique, and gives a bit of a more up-market and creative edge on other drugstore brands. I also loved the mini self-discovery I did whilst writing this post! XD So thank you for the PR team, especially Hannah, for the lovely evening :)

So I hope you guys got the feel of the collection, because I know if I hadn't got to try it out, or if I hadn't seen a blog post I may not have appreciated the collection the way it should be! :)

How are you feeling about the upcoming L'Oreal collection? :)
Any favourites from the brand?

*PR Event/All products received for consideration


  1. I love the look of mythic carpet nail varnish and the prismatic pink lipstick. Definitely adding them to my wish list! xo

  2. I love hearing about ranges like this, these sound amazing!

    Maria xxx


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