Instagruesday #2

 1. Boy & smiley thing from Extra 2. Best named product? 3. Post-exam celebratory drinks
 4. Quintessentially Londonian shot 5. A small pre-trip splurge 6. Lobby of hostel in Lyon, France
7. Quintessentially French breakfast 8. United Nations Offices at Geneva 9. Birthday Ted Baker top from the boy

A ridiculously busy week consisting of last ever assignment hand-ins, internship days, a trip to Paris, Lyon and Geneva, topped off with a massive cherry on top - the small matter of my 22nd birthday :) Business as usual will resume shortly! Hope you all have had a lovely start to the week!

Instagram: @MakeYuUp



  1. Sounds like you've had an utterly fantastic week Yu :) Well done on finishing uni, and congrats on your 22nd birthday! xx


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