Instagrunday #1

1. Train to Manchester for Easter 2. Ben's dog Snowy 3. Sunny days
4. Catching up with the girls 5. Amnesty Int'l UK AGM 6. Cafe Nero study times
7. Strawberrys from the market 8. L'Oreal The L'OR Electric Collection 9. All Bar One brunch
 10. Studying fun times 11. Study time food 12. FOTN from friend's birthday dinner

Ideally I'd do 9 but I thought I'd do a catch up between when I started and now :)
Hope you had a lovely weekend - my uni secretary has told me it was the first sunny weekend since 26th March! Mental.

Instagram: MakeYuUp



  1. Mmm those strawberries look delish, definitely going to pick some up tomorrow I think!

  2. You look so pretty in that photo! Love the London photo, too :)

    1. Aww thank you :) Yea it's the quintessential London shot, HAHA!

  3. love the air in the last one and the brunch.. oh lordy the brunch looks good.

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