Launching! REVLON ColorStay Moisture Stain

Left to Right: 001 India Intrigue, 020 Rio Rush, 055 Stockholm Chic, 030 Milan Moment

Left to Right: 001 India Intrigue, 020 Rio Rush, 055 Stockholm Chic, 030 Milan Moment

Top to Bottom: 001 India Intrigue, 020 Rio Rush, 055 Stockholm Chic, 030 Milan Moment

Whatever this super-pigmented lipgloss trend is, I love it. The L'Oreal L'Extraordinaires truly blew my socks off, and these REVLON ColorStay Moisture Stains are next in line.

Isn't it great when a drugstore brand comes out with an innovative packaging? I absolutely love these. The angles are so sleek and chic, and I'm absolutely loving piling them up on top of each other. Very OCD-friendly.

It's also worth noting if you see them in store that the "windows" are tinted, and that they aren't the lipglosses themselves. Do have a look at the wand before you buy :)

I also like that the applicator is a doe-foot sponge, and that the product itself isn't very long. I've said this before, but I think brushes for lipglosses are such a faff, and when a wand is too long the chances of missing your lips seem to suddenly multiply..

Again, full points from me. I feel like these are slightly thinner and lighter than the L'Oreal L'Extraordinaires, yet still as pigmented. 

But just like the L'Oreals, these kind of set on your lips and strangely solidifies which makes everything a little bit less messy. I also like that they're not super wet, but have a really nice glossy finish. I am very much a gloss girl at the moment!

This. This is where this Moisture Stain story falls apart. It comes in 12 shades with really fun names after cities and countries (although the lack of Tokyo did disappoint me a wee bit). And nude afficionados like myself will notice instantly - 1 nude? ONE nude? *smh* (for those of you who are curious, this is London Posh which is a gorgeous pinky nude).

In the darks department, we have 3, and while I really liked the look of the deep purple Parisian Passion and the vampy red New York Scene, Stockholm Chic seems to just be.. brown. Like, not even plummy, or even 90's beige, but like BROWN. WOOD, brown. Not in this decade, bro.

What this range really excels at though, are the brights. My top picks were definitely Rio Rush and Barcelona Nights for hot pinks, and Shanghai Sizzle is an absolute stunner of a red. The disappointment of the lot? Milan Moment. It's just a dirty orange.. I just don't get it.

If you find a shade you like - you will love it. The packaging and formulas could not be better - the packaging is chic yet super practical, and the formula is light, yet long-lasting, pigmented and comfortable.

These are available from August 2014 at £7.99 in Boots and Superdrug.



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