A KIKO Haul: A Quest for Natural Lips

Yesterday I found myself sauntering around Oxford Street without any particular aim other than to eventually perch myself at a Starbucks to wait for Fei from Peonies and Lillies for a long overdue catch up. Having resisted the urge to KIKO it up last week, it soon became unbearable and ultimately mandatory to at least pop my head in to see what was going on..

Recently, I've been noticing that what used to do it for me in the summer has ultimately changed, and the biggest change I've noticed was in lip products. Firstly, I am LOVING glosses this year. And secondly, Rimmel's Moisture Renew in Nude Delight and MAC's Warm Me Up lipstick just don't seem to do it for me anymore. I was finding my other token summer picks way too peach, and wanted a more natural but bright nude lip.

The first to go into my basket was the KIKO Supergloss in 109 Mat Pink (£4.90), which is this gorgeous medium dark bright pink. My lip colour is a similar darkness, but a duller red colour so I wanted something that would be a pop of colour without being flourescent or remotely in your face. This is literally the most gorgeous muted pink I own, and I'm so excited to wear it! As a formula, it's very pigmented but thin and smooth, and there is literally no sign of stickiness at all. It's a great pick for people who don't like the liquid-ness of traditional glosses, but want a bit more moisture on the lips than a lipstick.

The second was this pencil-style lipgloss - the KIKO Pencil Lip Gloss in 10 Dark Rose (£3.90). It was partly nostalgia that drove me to check this out, because I used to have a great product exactly like this back in high school. But ultimately, it was the shade. It's a mauve-toned dark nude that works well as a "nude but not too nude" with my tanner skin at the moment in NC30/35. The formula is more like a lipstick, but it has great pigmentation.

Overall, a successful haul! I am genuinely so excited by the addition of the Supergloss in my collection. The price vs. quality of KIKO products continue to amaze me, and these are no different. One thing I would say though.. that store needs to get rid of those crazy lights! There's a huge mirror on the left side of the door that will give you a better idea of what shades really look like.

You can get these and other products on the KIKO Cosmetics website.



  1. Really nice picks, I've still yet to try anything from KIKO but I hear such great things!

    Sam xo


  2. These look awesome - especially dark rose. They really suit you! Have you started thinking about wedding day lipsticks yet? (I know you have haha)

    Laura | Laurzrah xx

  3. amazing lipstick<3
    Maybe want follow each other? if yes, just follow me and i follow you back :)

  4. The gloss is gorgeous, it really suits you! xx



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