Illamasqua GLAMORE Nudes in Minx & Cherub

 Cherub, Minx

There's quite a lot of posts about these new Illamasqua GLAMORE Nude lipsticks floating around, but these are the two lipsticks from their Coral Nude category - Cherub and Minx.

When Illamasqua launched their original GLAMORE lipsticks a few months ago, I loved them - they're so pigmented, creamy and comfortable to wear. I'm very happy to report that these new Nude versions are equally as delicious.

In terms of the shades, Cherub is a true peach - muted and mid-toned. When I first saw it, it really reminded me of REVLON's old matte lipsticks in Smoked Peach. It's super wearable because it has no hint of brightness that would make it unnatural or in-your-face. Personally, I find lipstick shades which are even remotely bright, become magnified in brightness against my medium/tan skintone. So something like this is a perfect way to wear an understated peach.

Minx has more a pink undertone, and is what I'd describe as a warm rose. Against my skintone, it pulls more like a "my lips but darker" shade and I imagine for darker skintones it'd be a great nude because it's so balanced in terms of the warm and cool tones. Again, it's very muted and so achieves that very natural look.

Personally, neither of these lip shades are what I'd usually go for (I think something like Rosepout is more up my street) but I'm quite excited to experiment with them because their natural shades are really in line with how stripped down make-up gets in the summer.

What I really like about this collection in general, is how they've kept the shades so muted, because unnatural brightness is my key concern when I'm trying to buy lip products for a natural look. From what I can see from other blogs, even the lighter shades seem to have been designed similarly and I think that's what really sets these nude lips apart from other ones. A real winner and a safe bet for truly nude lips, especially for medium to darker skintones!

These are £18.50 each from the Illamasqua website.



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