The Illamasqua Sale Has Been Haul-ed

£22. I kid you not, £22 is all I spent on this amazing sale. I'm usually not one to rush to sales, because I don't believe in buying things just because they are cheap.. but as these were things I've had my eye on for quite a while, I couldn't help myself! After not quite getting on with the highly coveted cream blusher in Rude a few years ago (which is also in the sale, here, as is the equally popular Lover), I was determined to find a blusher that worked.. and some other things that "fell" into my basket.

The powder blushes you see above are Tremble and Hussy. Hussy is a popular choice for many people but I still haven't fallen in love.. it seems to pull ashy on me but maybe I'm applying too much? Judgment TBA. Tremble, on the other hand, I absolutely adore. It's a gorgeous light pink with a hint of peach. I'm loving the pale-ness of this, as it gives really doll-like cheeks! Definitely onto a winner here.

The Pure Pigment in Furore? Of course you've heard of it! I first saw this used by Nic from Pixiwoo, and have always wanted a gold-toned beige all over eye colour. I'm loving the pigment of it but have yet to remember to check its lasting power at the end of the day - I've been a busy bee!

Right now, the Illamasqua Freak perfume is on sale for £15 as well.. you have no idea how tempted I am since I got the mini sample from Glossybox years ago. Someone feel free to buy me a super early birthday present.


You can check out the Illamasqua sale by clicking the link above - it's on for another 24 hours!
Get an extra 10% off with code SALE10 :)



  1. Gah, you lucky girl! I really want Freak but haven't given it a sniff yet so don't want to blind buy (am also broke, haha) x

    Živa from Nothin' Fancy. Really.

    1. Hahaha I agree, the broke bit always the problem ;)


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