Tips! Lightening Nude Nail Polish

If you're like me, and slightly anal about what polish colours are like, and can tell the difference between two hot pink nail polishes where most people can't - you probably suffer from a heavy, heavy box of nail polishes. 

If one of your niggles with a polish is that it's slightly too dark - perhaps due to preference or your skin tone, read on..

The solution, for me, is this gorgeous Essie shade - Mademoiselle. It's a creamy pale pink, with a semi-sheer finish. I originally bought this for its delicate touch that makes anyone's nails look polished, feminine and simply classy. Especially if you have long nails, it'll make them look like french nails!

However, after feeling that an old favourite, OPI Dulce de Leche, was a bit dark for the winter months, I decided to run an experiment. And voila - you can see the effects above (the middle finger has a layer of Mademoiselle on top). It's great because it's not just any sheer polish - the Essie flat brush means you can apply a smooth layer without scratching the shade below, and the evening formula means you wont have streaks of white where layers have overlapped. The slight pink tinge also makes it so that you don't get a white cast.

That being said, I haven't experimented on how it works with non-pink based colours, but I imagine there's a slightly less pink-toned equivalent for that! Another suggestion I have is from Maybelline's Colour Show line, which has a pure white which is actually quite sheer! :)

Let me know if you give it a shot! :)



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