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When I find myself scrolling through lists of spas and beauty shops for treatments and such, it becomes obvious that Kensington is a popular place for such luxuries in life - I suppose it comes as no surprise. Joining the array of salons in this lovely area of London is an innovative wax treatment chain from Germany, called Wax In The City.

Why innovative, you ask? There are a few elements.

Whether it's the old school nature of some aspects of British culture, or the preparation that goes into many beauty treatments, in many salons you are required to book in advance - sometimes, weeks in advance. In reality, this can be an absolute ball-ache, especially when you're talking about something like a wax. If it's gotta be done, it's gotta be done kinda, like, now.

What Wax In the City have done is to scrap all that - it's a walk-in salon, where you can get an appointment on the spot. That being said - Kensington isn't really a place you can just 'pop-in' for. Personally, it's a bit of a trek to get there. But hey - at least you know it's there! At the end of the day, you want a wax to be quick - more so than any other beauty process, I'm sure! I got my underarms done, and without the chit chat and blogger nosey-ness I would've been in and out in under.. 20 minutes? Great for the busy bee!

The second aspect is the wax itself and the technique the beauticians use. Not only are they all sent to Berlin for a two week intensive training course (so no fears of getting the "good" beautician in the shop!), the wax is a secret formula that is much thicker than normal wax, and without the harsh adhesives in cheap waxes. So instead of putting a thin layer of wax, putting a paper on top and ripping it off (inevitably ripping some of your skin off too!), the beautician will apply a thick layer of wax - about a centimetre in thickness - and peel that off. This is much more gentle and pain-free! I was genuinely shocked that despite it being my first wax, it didn't hurt one bit and I walked out of there as if nothing had ever happened (obviously besides having no hair on my underarms..).

The third aspect is that the salon places a big emphasis on hygiene. So you won't see any towels around, all the tools used for you are disposable and opened just for you and the pot of wax that your beautician brings in is again, was poured just for you and will be disposed of immediately afterwards.

Thanks to Wax in the City, I enjoyed 2.5 weeks of razor-free goodness for my underarms. I can definitely see the benefits of waxing, as you aren't physically running a sharp blade over your skin everyday, and especially with WITC's method, you are being very gentle to your skin. If you are a waxing novice, or a busy bee with very little time, I'd especially recommend Wax in the City, but I think it's a great salon for anyone! I was genuinely surprised at how little pain I felt, both during and after the process! The price is also reasonable at an underarm wax coming in at a mere £15.

You can read more about Wax In The City and their treatments here, and visit them at 370 King's Road in London :)



  1. Sounds amazing! I really like the idea of just walking in, too!

    Terri xoxo

  2. Pain free waxing sounds perfect. It's the only reason I don't have it done. The pain !


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