Myleene Klass Bronzed & Beautiful Compact

With all the celebrities releasing their own perfumes and make-up lines, it's easy to just glance over them as if they were all the same. To be honest, most of them don't tend to wow me. However, there's always an exception - one of them, is this Myleene Klass Bronzed and Beautiful Compact.

Firstly, I fell in love the aesthetics of this palette. It's a great size - slightly bigger than your hand, and a nice width. The lid also clicks shut and it comes with a mahoosive mirror that is super easy to work with. The pattern on the packaging is also stunning (her name could be more subtle, but I suppose branding isn't optional.. to be fair, how cool would it be if it was your name :P), and the print on the powder itself is also very pretty. In addition, it comes in a very pretty box (no cheap-looking windows etc.,) which makes the whole thing look very professional and giftable. Overall, a 5/5 on the presentation front!

How gorgeous are the colours? You've got a highlighter at a top, a big block of bronzer and four eyeshadows. To be honest, you can use the bronzer and highlighter on your eyes, easy!

The colour choice in this palette is excellent. Especially because they're not your standard bronze shades. You've got your mandatory gold, of course, but you also have a rose-gold, a burnt charcoal brown (okay, that one might be slightly standard) and a rusty copper. This really sets it apart from most bronze palettes which usually have that darker bronze and maybe a matte light brown for good measure. I'd guess most people won't have a palette with these specific colours in one place! It's quite a unique palette to have. The shades are just generally perfect for a night-out bronzed party look, as well as for a day to day look if you use the rose-gold, bronzer and highlighter! You can see the swatches below.

Usually when a palette is worth less than £10, I expect at least one shade to be 'off' - but these all have great colour pay-off. Initially, the gold and rose gold eyeshadows appear crumbly and unpigmented in swatches, but actually when you apply it on your eyes, they're nothing like it. Something else I noticed was that the colour in the pan is very true to the colour that it applies. When I used the rose-gold eyeshadow, I expected it to lean gold as those shades tend to on me, but it was a true rose gold as you see in the pan - very impressed!

I was also very impressed with the lasting power - with primer, these lasted 6 hours and even then it didn't crease, but rather, faded. This is slightly more desirable than the shiny mess you can sometimes get with creased eyeshadow!

As much as I love all the shades, I have to say I am in love with the highlighter. It has a great peach/skintone undertone, and applies a nice, subtle sheen to your cheekbones - no sign of a glitter for miles! This is something even high end brands sometimes fail to do so I'm very impressed at the subtle glow this product gives. I also quite like the bronzer, but find it's more for the pale-skinned gals! It has a slight sheen on it, so it's very natural for both bronzing and contouring. The gleam on the eyeshadows are also impressive - they give a solid, bold, metallic look that really makes the colours pop!

Overall, I am super impressed by this palette! I can sometimes be a bit of a make-up snob, but this is one of those products that gives results which exceed expectations from the price. The shades, finish and formula of all the powders are fantastic. Usually, I'd say save the celebrity goods for the younger audience, but this palette I can recommend to anyone who enjoy wearing eyeshadows and cheek products! Definitely a good choice for Christmas gifts if you're still doing your Christmas shopping (like me!).

You can get this palette from the Littlewoods for £10 here :)



  1. I have to say, I would probably ignore this because there's something about Myleene Klass that I don't like, HOWEVER, These shades look lovely so i could be tempted to try it!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  2. If I didn't have so many dupes, i would Defo pick this up. Beautiful!


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