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Last month I left the world of Android for the economically drowning and flailing Blackberry world. Why? Because I liked the mixture of touchscreen and keyboard, I'm not a massive fan of the iPhone interface and to be honest - I haven't looked back. But one thing I do miss, is Instagram. I still have it on my iPad but hey - it's not the same!

Because I haven't done Instagrundays in so long, I thought I'd catch you guys up on the photos I've been putting up through Twitter and the things I've been up to. My life COULD be a bit more adventurous considering most of my waking hours are spent in the library, but when I do get out - these are the things I've been doing..

1. Shopping spree at KIKO - oh yes. I've been discovering this brand this past week or so, and I am violently in love with their Ultra Glossy Stylo Lipstick in Nude 802 (massive thanks to Tijan for telling me how good it is!). So much so.. it might be replacing the Rimmel Nude Delight. I know. What is going ON.

2. I also had a change to check out the Clear Start line from dermalogica at Snog. Yes! This was my first snog - and it was awesome. You can read more about the Clear Start line here - the spot treatment is the first ever spot treatment to work on me - it's amazing!

3. I couldn't resist this mini Zara City Bag. I loved the burgundy colour, and I loved the size. I've been using it to keep my key things in like wallet, phone, glasses while I carry my books in a tote bag. It's definitely much easier to find things!

4. Obligatory Breakfast Club shot, anyone? I visited a few weeks ago to have brunch with my friend. This dish (don't remember what it was called - something about being American) has the best of both worlds - pancakes and cooked breakfast. Glorious.

5. It's getting cold! And thus, the fur headband is back. This one I bought from the seller amyy-louise at the Asos Marketplace. I'm also wearing my new favourite pair of glasses.. which I'll fill you in on in a bit ;) (Note the mama City Bag!)

6. Mince pies! Mince pies! Mince pies! One of my favourite things about Christmas - I bought a box of 6, I should've gone for 12.

7. My new glasses. They are my new loves! I'm not sure if it's the bigger lenses that just add more weight to the top half of my face - I find my eyes more accentuated, eye make-up more visible and my face looks slimmer (you take everything you get when you've got a ginormous head). These are from Vision Direct, and are the R&L A138s in Turtle. I found the prescription slightly stronger than the glasses I have from Specsavers (despite ordering ones with the same prescription) but as my eyes have gotten worse since my eye test anyway, it actually worked out for the better!

8. Canary Wharf has recently opened a new area in the mall, and guess what - bareMinerals have arrived! I was checking it out the other day and saw this GORGEOUS rose gold brush set called the Brush On Beautiful Set.. *drooooool*. A self Christmas present? Perhaps.

9. Lastly, lastly.. the beautiful display at Tiffany's. The small boxes are just so cute, and the simplicity is stunning. I adore the simple pieces from Tiffany's (who doesn't!), and this new collection was no different. It's so far out my price range, it's pretty much in a different galaxy but oh.. I could stare at it all day! 

So that's about it :) Be sure to follow me on Twitter!



  1. That little Zara bag is so cute, and I LOL'd at your glasses because I recently got new glasses that look similar B)


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