Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in Deep Plum

Call me a boring sod but I've always stuck with black eyeliner. Brown? Never. Navy? Once. Green? I tried. So I did wonder what was going on when I found myself wanting to try a purple liner. As with everything else though, I didn't want it to be so obvious.

One day I was invited down to Foubert's Place in London to take a look at Pixi's winter collection and was delighted to find a new addition that fit the bill. It was one of the coveted Endless Silky Eye Pen that's known to never budge and be as smooth as butter. The new shade was called Deep Plum.

Let's start with the cool bit. The thing that I love about Deep Plum is that it's not purple - it's plum. It has the brown tones that makes it natural-looking and less bold than black, but it maintains that purple tinge that makes brown eyes pop. I particularly loved this as part of a 'work look', whether it was by smudging along the lashline or sharpening it to use it as a winged liner. Both ways, it looked really natural, defined, and eye-popping.

The formula reminds me of a product that's really quite raved about across the pond, the Milani Liquif'eye Metallic Eye Liner Pencil. It's super smooth, crazy pigmented and lasts an age. I think actually, that the Pixi one lasts longer and is less smudgy!

That being said, I also think it's a bit too smooth which can make it difficult to apply (I also think this about the Milani pencil and the Avon Supershock Gel Liner, which is also in a similar family). Sometimes after sharpening, the tip can break easily and it goes down quite quickly but it's nice to not have it drag across my eyelids too!

However, I get around this by using a stubby eyeshadow pencil or an angled brush and rubbing the product on it and then applying it. This lets me apply it in a thin line, and also push it into the lash line which also adds to the natural effect it has.

Ultimately though, one applied, this baby does not budge. It smudges when it first applies so you can do a smoke if you'd like, but after it dries it's not going anywhere and lasts the whole day. It also works amazingly as a primer all over your lid if you have a colour similar to the look you're doing - it makes all the eyeshadow on top stay on there for yonks! As I said, it's also super pigmented, so aside from the application, I can't fault the product at all.

There's no question that the Endless Silky Eye Pen is a winner - the colour especially is unique in the market and could make a big difference to a lot of women's make-up routines. The formula, while not completely unique, is gorgeous and I think if it wasn't in pencil form, would be much easier to use. Pixi also has a fatter eyeshadow pencil which I think must solve this problem. Either way, the brush trick works well for me and the formula, once applied, is flawless! Who knows, I may be sporting the True Teal or perhaps the Copper Glow next time around!

These pencils come in 10 different shades and retails for £11 on Pixi's website and ASOS.



  1. Ooh lovely shade! I like the sound of copper glow too! :)

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    1. Copper Glow is stunning, I had a little swatch! :)

  2. This looks lovely, will definitely have to check this out :) ♥


  3. This sounds awesome, such a gorgeous colour!

    Maria xxx

    1. Isn't it?! It'd look lovely with your complexion Maria :)


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