Injury by Beauty.

A few weeks ago my friends and I sat discussing IPL treatments and whether they pose future health risks or not. I was personally on the sceptical side - for example, I was offered laser hair treatment for review once and turned it down precisely because of that fear!

Anyway, I was sent these survey results from First4Lawyers and having a gander through them, was surprised at who was getting hurt by beauty treatments and by which ones. While I shy away from cosmetic surgery and botox, it seems those aren't the treatments I should particularly by afraid of..

Men are more likely to suffer injuries through beauty treatments.
Seeing as most of my readers are women, I think we can all have a sigh of relief for this one. Out of the 193 people who suffered beauty-related injuries, 102 were men. 102. With UV tanning beds leading the way to injuring men, followed closely by eyebrow waxes and tints, it raises some questions doesn't it?! Whether it's because they're generally less informed or they're just generally an unlucky gender (pfft, as if..) - beauty treatments are coming after them.

Haircuts and dying are the leading cause of beauty injuries.
So I suppose the ladies' sigh of relief ends here - what are we supposed to do?! With chemicals, scissors and razors flying about I suppose it's no surprise, but always remember to do the patch tests and look out for butterfingered hairstylists and Sweeney Todd look-a-likes..?

Only 193 out of 1,500 ever got injured by a beauty treatment.
Let's end on a happy(ish) note, shall we? The survey showed that about 13 out of every 100 people had a beauty-related injury. So unless you're uber unlucky or you're the one hurting other people, I think we can rest assured that we'll survive the pre-holiday wax appointments..

There were several other interesting statistics as well - after hair cuts and dying, leg and bikini waxes were the most common sources of injury, whereas botox ranked the lowest at 2% - who, interestingly, were all men (although it really depends on how many people had even got botox out of the 193 respondents!). 

As make-up and beauty consumers, I suppose it's sometimes easy to forget the health and safety behind the industry but having been to salons and whatnot, it's a pretty big part of the industry for the professionals!

*Partnered post with First4Lawyers.


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