Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturiser SPF15

As some of you may know, I'm currently studying to be a solicitor. It's not often you see a solicitor wearing noticeable base make-up so I decided I wanted something very un-obvious and barely there, and thus justified my purchase of a tinted moisturiser a few days before my work experience.

I uhm-ed and ah-ed between several, but settled on the Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturiser in Light to Medium. So far, I've absolutely loved it.

Perfect. Black, sleek (it's quite flat!) and easy to use. The screw top is nice and secure, but I think flip tops are slightly easier to use. Granted, it'd probably be a bit more prone to spillage in the baggage  (I had to rhyme..)!

Blendable and super easy to smooth out, and doesn't have the tacky feel that I think Laura Mercier's Oil-Free version has.

Sheer with fingers, but by stippling then blending/buffing with a brush, you get a decent amount - enough to visibly tone down any minor blemishes. The variety really appealed to me :)

Definitely the biggest selling point of the product. It's super glowy! When I first apply it, it just gives this gorgeous glow and radiance to your skin, and doesn't look too dewy, just very natural. It also seems to minimise the appearance of pores, and gives a smoother finish to your skin. Since I have dry/combination skin, it's nice and moisturising on my cheeks but it can get a bit dewy down the t-zone throughout the day. But I prefer that than it look cakey! I can highly recommend this for people with normal to dry skin! (FYI: The oil-free one was nice too when I tested it on my face in store, and I thought it had a bit more coverage than this one :))

In terms of wear, it wears really nicely and you can't actually see where it's worn - you just notice the coverage getting less and less. This is great because realistically, you can't expect the staying power of a tinted moisturiser to be great, and when it wears away nicely, you just have that ease of mind that your face isn't coming apart! Because of its packaging it's super easy to carry around too and reapply throughout the day.

All in all, I find this to be the perfect glowy natural-finish moisturiser, and a great counterpart to my MAC Studio Moisture Tint, which has a light coverage with a semi-matte finish. This one is moisturising, easy to use, comfortable and has an incredibly gorgeous finish and a perfect range of coverage. The packaging is really subtle yet stylish, and the price isn't horrendous at £28 for 50ml! Overall, an absolute winner I've been using almost everyday! :)

What's your favourite tinted moisturiser?


  1. Oh wow I need this in my life! Tinted moisturisers are my fav, especially around this time in the year just because I like a more natural base, and this seems to be a great hit! x

  2. Oh nice, glad you like it :D I need to try this! I've heard only great things about the BB TM. I've used LM's one and that is gorgeous as well ;)


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