Launch & Offer: Bodhi Neroli Luce Face Oil

Almost half a year ago, I wrote about the launch of Bodhi's Desert Rose Face Oil and since then have recommended it to numerous amounts of people. To me, it's the go-to solution to all things dry-skin related - whether that's flaky skin, calloused elbows or even rashes, and it's never failed to disappoint. In addition to emolliating the surface of the skin and hydrating the inner layers, it also seems to have healing powers which I have been taking full advantage of!

So with all this rave about Desert Rose, just as summer starts looming around us and many people's skins start getting oilier, I was over the moon to hear about Bodhi's new face oil launch - the Neroli Luce.

Unlike Desert Rose, which was more for dry skintypes (which was working great for me during the winter despite my combination skin), the Neroli Luce is for combination skins. It has properties to hydrate skin from within, but also to rebalance how your skin creates its oils. Neroli also improves the elasticity of your skin, frankincense regenerates your skin, and the antioxidants and vitamins help to revitalise your skin.

As with the Desert Rose, the scent is phenomenal. I personally adore the smell of neroli, which added to my excitement about the product! I'm still on the hydrating products at the moment, but I can already feel my skin getting oilier so no doubt Neroli Luce will have a good trial run through my routine soon.. could it rival Clarins' Lotus oil? We shall see - review pending!

Here are all the ingredients of Neroli Luce, all chosen by creator Elijah Choo who uses natural remedies from around the world as inspiration for his products. Bodhi is a nasties-free brand, and does not use synthetic ingredients, parabens, sulphates, phthalates, propylene glycol, PABA, palm oil, mineral oil, paraffin, petrochemicals, DEA, synthetic colours or fragrances or animal ingredients.

Because of this, things can get pricey but they're currently running a fantastic offer, where you can try 5ml of either the Neroli Luce or the Desert Rose for £12 - and if you decide you like it, you'll get the £12 off a full sized product! The offer is available on Bodhi's website.

Have you tried Bodhi?
What's your favourite face oil?



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