Launch: Eve Snow Luxury Colour Brand

It's always exciting when an innovative brand launches, and I'm happy to say Eve Snow is one of them. I was just thinking earlier on the day about how some people just have the "thing" you need to make something big happen - like becoming a recording artist or starting your own company. Yvette Snowden (get where the brand names come from? :)) worked in fashion, and has now turned her hands to creating her own colour brand - starting with these nail polishes.

So why innovative? Unlike most brands who stop at taking the nasties out of products, Eve Snow goes a step further and adds 3 nourishing ingredients - argan oil, ginkgo biloba and vitamin E. So in theory, your nails get in better condition the more you wear the polish. Intrigued? I was!

In terms of the range, it's all very exciting. The shades are all colours I can see many people liking - lots of dark reds, a few pinky nudes and quite a few blues. The pink you see above is Pixie which is a blue-toned baby pink. I'm slightly concerned as to how it'll pull on my warm toned skin but we shall see! A favourite of mine was Modesty, which was a dusty light nude pink - boring old me!

So with a bit of a nudge, I went for something brighter in honour of the sun who has been peaking its head out these past few days. I got the gorgeous blue Ez Like Sunday Morning and Yvette's favourite, Prima Donna on my ring finger. Ez Like Sunday Morning is actually quite familiar, it reminds me of Rimmel Sky High or slightly like China Glaze For Audrey. Prima Donna, however, is quite unique and is a rose gold foil.

So far I've noticed that the formula is a bit mixed. The pigmentation is insane and unlike Nubar polishes which are also nasties free, but dries very flat and slightly matte, these have gloss like you've never seen. I think it puts OPI to shame on that front - it's rivaling Nails Inc! However, from observing my manicure I felt like the formula was quite thick and didn't settle flat on its own, and I had originally felt like my fingertips were a bit bulky. However, they settle really nicely after a few hours - very smooth, even and creamy. However, the drying time was quite standard.

After 3 days of intensive house-cleaning and washing, I see very minimal shrinkage but nothing too noticeable. The gloss is still there and the smoothness is gorgeous.

So as much as I want to hurriedly tell you how amazing my nails feel, unfortunately I'm still mid-test and letting the goodness do its magic for a few more days. Wouldn't it be exciting if the more you wore polish the nicer your nails got? Fingers crossed!

So all in all, a very exciting, innovative launch and I have high hopes for my results when I take these colours off!

You can check out the range on the Eve Snow website.



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