A Perfect Springtime Pick: DHC Moisture Care Lipstick

DHC is like the Avon of Japan - they operate heavily on catalogues, and have been going for years and years. They're kind of a go-to skincare brand that most Japanese women have tried, and the coveted Oil Cleanser is evidence to that fact (which btw, is blimmin' amazing).

At my local DHC counter back in Tokyo, there's a small shelf with a bit of make-up. Unfortunately, there's not too many reviews online that I could go off so I swatched and walked away.

Fortunately for me, DHC have relaunched in the UK and I was lucky enough to be invited to their launch event a few weeks ago. Although I take ages to review skincare, I was also given a bit of make-up to try, and these DHC Moisture Care Lipsticks really stood out as on-trend, in-season and an all 'round lovely product.

OR03 Clementine, BR09 Brown Sugar and RD01 Pepperberry

These lipsticks are formula heaven. They glide on really smoothly, they give a healthy glossy-but-not-wet finish, are super nourishing and can really double up as a lip balm. I've been loving these in the winter, because applying these day to day means I'm never with chapped lips! They contain collagen to plump your lips and sodium hyaluronate to nourish, and boy do they do their jobs. Personally, I think it has good of an effect as the Clarins Instant Smooth Lip Perfector, but for cheaper and in lipstick form.

This is one of my favourite parts about this lipstick. While they're no MAC Matte finishes, neither are they YSL Candy Volupte. In fact, they are slightly more pigmented than Dior Addict Lipsticks, but for half the price and practically the same nourishing results. So it's a great balance between covering up your natural lips and having nothing on your lips, as it adds enough pigment to really show the colour in the tube, but still lets your natural lips show through. It's perfect for the spring when you want those bright colours, but not look overdone.

 The pigment is also quite long-lasting as they slightly stain your lips. However, there is the flaw that exists as in many Japanese lipsticks and that is the tiny glitter. To be fair, they're small enough to perhaps be considered sparkle, and you can't feel or see it once applied, but when I see glitter, it always sparks paranoia in me!

I wouldn't be a beauty blogger if I said I didn't care about packaging - I mean, look at these! The metallic muted pink bullets with the oh-so-appropriately springy butterfly and flower engravings are to die for, and I must say.. they do swing my feelings about this product ever so slightly in their favour!

Colour Range
My favourite is the OR03 Clementine and I also really liked PK04 Sweetpea when I had a swatch at the event. There's 8 different shades, and I'd say they're all generally quite muted or darker shades that are more appropriate for mature ladies. That being said, there were bright pinks and reds (including the one you see above) that anyone can wear but just aren't my personal taste. I'd say the swatches on their site here are actually quite accurate representations of the colour of the stick, so do have a look and see if any take your fancy :)

Overall, I'm very impressed. They're nourishing, have the perfect level of pigmentation for a coloured but natural lip look, and they look really pretty! They're also neither suspiciously cheap nor expensive at £11.50 and I can definitely say that Clementine is your typical, annual, Spring/Summer shade of peachy orange that you can get a lot of use out of.

What are your favourite spring lipsticks?
Have you tried DHC?



  1. Wow these shades look so pretty! I've never heard of DHC but excited to hear their launching in the UK, love the look of the pinky shade xx

  2. These look lovely! I'm a big fan of moisturising lipsticks so these sound perfect to me. The shades are so wearable too. Im not one to go crazy with bold lips! I'd never heard of this brand before so thanks for bringing it to my attention Yu! ;-)

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  3. I need to try this, the packaging is gorgeous and so are the colours

    A little bit Unique


  4. The packaging design is so delicate yet sophisticated :D. Is the consistency similar to Revlon Lip Butter? o.o <3

    I've just nominated you the Versatile Blogger Award
    Check out my post on the award:

    Tofu x

  5. Lovely packaging and the shades are gorgeous.



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