Top 3 High End Winter Moisturisers

Since we've been in what must be the longest winter since the Ice Age (unlikely, but I'm not a history major so let's leave it at that), I've been getting to test lots of different moisturisers to see if they really are fit for purpose - where there's a cloud!

Anyway, I do love high end products but often struggle to write features on them or fully recommend them because at the end of the day, the price plays a greater role in the test and this means I'm much harsher on them. Despite this higher threshold though, I'm happy to say I've found three that I am incredibly, incredibly impressed by and could hand-on-heart say they justify their price tag completely..

Yon-Ka Creme 28 - £35
I'm new to the world of Yon-Ka, and with many products being around 90% natural ingredients and the whole brand turning paraben-free soon, this is a brand to watch. Let's face it - any brand with a following that consists of Angelina Jolie, Victoria Beckham, Scarlett Johansson and Anne Hathaway is a brand to watch!

Creme 28 has its place in my night-time routine as the hydrating moisturiser. It seems to balance out my skin really well due to the incremental hydration it provides for the deeper layers of the skin, but it's also quite a thick cream, so it also softens the surface of your skin nicely too. A great choice for people who don't want that heavy feeling on your skin, but want both hydration and emollience - something I've found actually quite rare, despite many products claiming to do so!

Personally, I think serums and toners do the long-term hydration thing better than moisturisers in general, so I think this is a very special and impressive product in what it achieves, but a luxury product that could technically be replaced by said serums/toners. But personal budgets aside, when I judge it on its merits there's no question that this is a gem amongst rhinestones - you're paying for that balance of hydration and moisturisation that is difficult to find in many moisturisers, and £35 is pretty standard for that in my opinion!

L'Occitane Shea Ultra Rich Face Cream - £31
A firm favourite when the surface of your skin is feeling too much like sand paper to be normal! This is a thick balm-like cream that is slightly reminiscent of their brilliant handcream - both in terms of texture and smell! This has helped me wake up with supple skin on many mornings, and I really love how heavy and moisturising it is, but how it doesn't clog your pores nor make you feel oily. Personally, I haven't found better to smooth out dry patches and really envelop and guard your skin from the dryness in the air.

I can highly recommend it to anyone suffering from dryness on the surface of their skin - whether from the winter dehydration or dehydration from the sun (we wish!). To me, this is a fool proof solution to the dry patch crisis, and will be something I turn to in confidence should such a situation arise (knock on wood). Many moisturisers I feel lack that long-lasting balm/protection feature that really works on healing dry patches, which is why I feel the price tag is fully justified!

REN Ultra Moisture Day Cream - £27
This is like chugging a glass of water after a day out in the sun. The REN Ultra Moisture Day Cream is a true quencher! If I could rename it, I'd probably use the word 'hydration' instead of 'moisture' because it really penetrates your skin and freshens you up from within. My acne and oiliness is usually the result of dehydration, so this balances my skin by hydrating the inner layers of my skin. The formula is more like a gel (see pictures below), and sinks in so so well and doesn't leave any residue - perfect for the daytime!

I find it very difficult to find a moisturiser that does these things, so this is - dare I say it - holy grail status. Yep - I've pretty much made up my mind that this and the Clarins Hydra Matte will be my the two day-time moisturisers I will always have in my skincare shelf. REN always comes with the benefits of no parabens, mineral oils or any other nasties at all, so it's an even bigger nod from me! High five for HG!

REN, Yon-Ka, L'Occitane

REN, Yon-Ka, L'Occitane

So all in all, I leave the hydration up to the REN Ultra Moisture Day Cream during the day, and depending on how my skin is feeling, I'll choose between Yon-Ka and L'Occitane. Most days I go with Yon-Ka, but drying out acne (sorry for the visuals), break outs and dry pores/patches that foundations cling on means I turn to L'Occitane. With these 3, my skin has been steadily improving - when I'm not being lazy of course!

Although I've always found great moisturisers to be difficult to find, I seem to have had a good run this season! All three are products I can whole-heartedly recommend and they each have a distinct purpose for why I love them so much - and all these purposes are so hard to find on the market in my experience - which is why I genuinely believe these three are products that are worth that extra price tag. They do things that other moisturisers claim to do - but don't actually do!

What's your favourite/HG moisturiser?



  1. Really need to check out the ren one, I've wanted to try a high end moisturiser for a while

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  2. I love the loccitane one! My current HG moisturizer is the origins make a difference +. Def want to try out these other ones too!

    1. Me too! I have to try that Origins one, I've had my eye on it for a while :)

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