Alterna Bamboo Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner

The last few months have been some of the busiest in my life, and I can only apologise for depriving you lovely readers of a review of two hair products that have gotten me through the hair nemesis - the frizzy, "tangled from scarves"-haired days of the winter. It looks like spring is nowhere in sight, so no word of a lie - these products have taken me through December to now with hair that is smooth, glossy and soft. These are..

The Alterna Bamboo Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner

The issue I have, if you remember from my Overview: Sulphate-Free Hair Products, is that my hair is "combination" - in the sense that my roots get greasy easily but my lengths is slightly damaged and therefore dry. In the humid summer, I love volumising products, but in this dry weather, the solution has been to use anti-frizz products - these Alterna products have fit the bill. When I use these, my roots stay cleaner for longer yet my lengths feel healthy and soft. It's the perfect balance, and even in the dry winds of winter, my hair has stayed smooth, glossy and frizz-free! In terms of effects, these are fantastic.

Like many of the hair products I use, these are parabens and sulfates free. However, I do have to note that there are LOTS of ingredients in there, including PEGs and some numbers here and there, so I don't think they're as "chemical free" as some other products out there.

Something else I absolutely adore is the packaging - they're very ergonomic, even with slippery wet hands because they're (cutely) shaped like bamboo stalks! Secondly, the lid is very easy to use. You twist it to open and squeeze (kind of like Heinz ketchup) so it's much easier to use with wet hands than clicking lids and tubes.

The curious part about the formula - the shampoo is like "slime". Not goo, but like the green, putty-like substance that us kids of the 90's used to play with. It's kind of like corn starch, when you aren't sure if it's a solid or a liquid - kind of like jelly! It doesn't make that big of a difference to the effects, but I imagine it's what contributes to the gloss and smoothness. The conditioner is rather rich and scared me off at first, but rest assured - when applied to the ends only, they're the key to the smooth, anti-frizz finish.

I've been using these Alterna products for almost 3 months now and while I haven't seen a long-term effect on my hair per se, there's no denying that they do the job well. My hair is less greasy, lasts better for longer between washes and more than anything, my hair feels super smooth and glossy. I did love the Naked Volume Building Shampoo and the Weightless Conditioner for drier weather for a lighter-weight and lifted look, but in this weather, the thing I want most is smoothness and gloss which these products deliver.

Overall, although the ingredients aren't as 'pure' as I'd like them to be and it would be great if they could minimise them as they go along, the Alterna Bamboo Smooth products are great for people who have a similar hair type to me, or are trying to make the switch to paraben/sulfate-free products. In terms of effects and packaging you can't go wrong with the Alterna Bamboo Smooth duo, these are perfect for this weather and for anyone that wants smooth glossy locks without the weight or the grease! Did I mention they smell kinda like soapy apples..? Win!

These are usually RRP £17 but available from around £14 each at BeautyBay or GorgeousShop.


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  1. I love the new layout! Soapy apples hahaha how interesting, I really would like to check these out

    A little bit Unique


  2. My hair needs some gloss at the moment, I will have to check these out :)

    Maria xxx

  3. Hi! I haven´t use these products and I don´t know if I can buy them where I live.

    I´m following you now. What´s about to follow each other? xx


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