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One thing I often stumble across, especially when looking at reviews of eye make-up is whether something is compatible with contact lenses. Now I personally don't wear contact lenses myself, so I couldn't possibly advise myself but I think it's still an important issue - surely bad eyesight shouldn't hinder you from a health make-up usage?! So here are few tips I picked up from Acuvue..

The American Optometric Association
The AOA seems to be a good place to start - it has a page of recommendations and tips for make-up lovers who wear contact lenses such as putting on your lenses before applying your makeup - makes sense!

Eye Makeup that’s Easy on the Eyes
Eye makeup that is safe for the eyes and contact lenses can be a bit of a challenge to find, especially if you aren't familiar with ingredients. That being said, there's quite a few make-up products that contact lenses wearers should stay away from, and these include oil-based make-up products, lash-extending mascara (which has fibers that can irritate the eyes), and waterproof mascara (that could stain your lenses).

In addition, makeup items that are hypoallergenic or ophthalmologist-tested for contact lenses are good shouts, as are those which specifically state are for sensitive eyes. It's also important to know about irritant or drying ingredients, so you avoid products that contain harmful by-products that could destroy your lenses. 

Care is also important - when applying your mascara, use two light coats to prevent flaking and try to stay away from fake lashes! The glue could come into contact with the lashes, or the fumes could make your eyes super sensitive. And, of course, always, always, always wash your hands before you touch your contacts or your eyes!

Contact Safe Liquids and Powders
You may think that eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara are the only makeup items you should be concerned about as a contact lens wearer, but any product that you put on your face could adversely affect your lenses.

Start by using an oil-free moisturizer and a water-based foundation, because the oil can be irritating if it gets into your eyes.

In addition, use pressed powder over loose powder so it's less likely to poof! in your eyes. Powders, including blush, should be applied with your eyes shut. Your makeup brushes should also be top quality brushes with bristles that don’t easily shed and get in your eyes.

Don’t forget to avoid using hand creams or lotions before handling your contact lenses as they can leave a film on your lenses!

I suppose a lot of these tips also go for girls who don't wear contact lenses - at the end of the day, none of us like stuff getting in our eyes. But things like ingredients are especially important for contact lense wearers, and I guess you need that extra level of care, because eyes are so sensitive yet integral - infected eyes are so painful and definitely not fun! So it's so worth knowing the ins and outs!

What are your top tips for contact lens wearers?
What ingredients have you come across that contact lens wearers should avoid?


*This guest editorial was written by Meredith Stone and edited by myself. Meredith writes about health and beauty topics and enjoys spending her weekend with her husband, Ben and her yellow lab.


  1. Thanks for this! I'm getting some vivid blue ones and I had no idea there were so many precautions, when I review them would you mind if I put a link to this post for people who want to know how to take care of their lenses?

    1. I'm so glad this post was of help - of course you can, that would be fab! Thank you :)

  2. My sister wears contact lenses and she only does eyeliner on top of eyelid (not even waterline or tight lining as she doesn't want to risk getting any product behind her lenses).

    I think the only closest to lenses would be those GEO ones but my eyelid flickers like crazy with anything is near so..never gonna happen xD

    BTW I loove your eyebrow <3 <3 I need to tame mine :( might you do a tutorial on how you do your eyebrows coz that would be great :D I'm a newb with mine atm...seriously don't know what I'm doing -shames myself- ("u..u)

    Tofu x

    1. Yeah there's a lot to be careful about!

      Aww thank you :) I'll do my best - it's been a long process but I may do a post on that if it'll be of any help!




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