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Some people say perfumes are things you never buy yourself, but rather, something you expect as gifts. But on the other hand, people say they're extremely personal - so you can't really blame your generous gift-givers if they don't get it spot on, right?

I've been fortunate enough to love most of my perfume gifts, but I reckon the fail-safe, best solution is to scour the internet (a great solution to many predicaments in modern life, I find) for a discount on your favourite perfumes - you won't feel too guilty about spending the dosh, and you'll get exactly what you want. Here is a low down of some of the sites I've found or used:

All Beauty
Previously known as the slightly dodgy name, "Cheap Smells", All Beauty sounds a lot.. cleaner.

Their discounts are pretty significant, and the one I picked out from this site that I'm keen on (after being enabled by Sam from Pixiwoo) is Versace's Yellow Diamond, which is discounted from a relatively do-able £46 to an even more do-able £38.20.

My favourite destination for Dior products, this site offers fantastic discounts. The perfume that's been on my wishlist longest is the Miss Dior perfumes, and while I've gone through numerous samples, I've yet to purchase my own, full-sized shabam. Undoubtedly when I do get to the bottom of my current sample, I'll be hitting this site.. the perfume is down from £66 to £52.80!

99 Perfume
Perhaps the least known of the bunch, and one I personally have never used, 99 Perfume looks significantly underdeveloped compared to the others. However, the discount is there, and more than anything, there is a range of perfumes that aren't on many other discount sites!

One is Les Nuits D'hadrien by Annick Goutal - I haven't yet had the chance to smell this one, but the notes of ylang-ylang, patchouli, vanilla and sandal wood sound right up my street!

Feel Unique
I cannot believe how much this company has expanded in the last few years, and for good reason. Although they've stopped stocking Clarins (not bitter or anything..) and have stopped discounting premium brands like Dior (yes, I did cross over to Escentuals for this precise reason!) - their perfume deals are still going strong. One of my favourites from their site is the Elie Saab EDT (not a fan of the EDP - they smell so different!), which is down to £28.90 from £34. However, *wink wink* I've just seen that it's only £17 at Boots - go go go!

Fragrance Direct

This is a site that I don't visit too often, perhaps because it's quite exclusive to fragrances, but my boyfriend has ordered from here before and has been happy with what he's got!

My spot on the site is the new Giorgio Armani Si. I've been liberally spraying this all over from my tiny sample tube since receiving it at House of Fraser. It's a gorgeous peachy smell with a warm base note.. phwoarrrrr. This is down from £44 to £38.99.

With Christmas coming up and all (a bit keen in September? Meh!), these sites might be of use for repurchasing some of your loved ones' favourite perfumes, or for one of those cheeky "I was shopping for someone else then something I love slipped into my basket" moments ;)

Which perfumes have you been eyeing? What's your favourite perfume or perfume discount website?

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  1. I am obsessed with perfume at the moment but I will be leaving this post open for my boyfriend to take a look at ;)

    Maria xxx


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