My Favourite Eye Brushes Video

When I first started YouTube, I only ever used the sponge-tip applicators and while that might sound horrendous, there are some sponge tip applicators from Japan which are pretty freaking good.. but anyway, when I discovered the beauty world of YouTube, I purchased two - one small and one big, basic fluffy shader brushes and that was that. But soon, after watching so many tutorials and realising that this wasn't just a temporary amusement for me, I started building up a collection of brushes that would work for my eyes and my taste.

I think it's important, when it comes to reading beauty blogs, to not just take all the advice at face value but to evaluate how a certain product can fit with your face shape, your routine and your lifestyle. With all this in mind, I've narrowed my eye brushes to 6. These are my absolute favourite, and really the only ones I use regularly. So why not share with you guys?!


I hope you enjoy the video, and remember to check out my Top 5 Foundation Application Products video as well! :)



  1. All of these brushes look stunning! I personally love MAC brushes for any make-up!

  2. I love the 239 and 217 :) Gotta check that 224 one, though!


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