HealGel Intensive & HealGel Eye

I'm always up for new skincare from up and coming brands - I don't always believe that the most popular products are the best, because everyone's skin is just so different. A small brand I recently discovered is HealGel - a brand created by plastic surgeons and biochemists, which started off the the HealGel Intensive, and have since expanded to HealGel Eye and HealGel Face.

In terms of the packaging, I really like the simplicity and the slight parody of medical products! But what I'm most impressed by are the pumps. They're super high quality and really easy to control - so much so that I can easily get 1/2 a pump if not less, which is all you need for both eyes for the HealGel Eye and also for the HealGel Intensive if you only use it for certain spots.

HealGel Intensive - £37.50
This formula was created to improve the appearance of scars, as well as to soothe bruising, swelling, redness and irritations. So people with rosacea, acne, eczema and psoriasis may find this product especially helpful!

In terms of the actual consistency, I was so impressed. I've tried the Dr. Jart+ V7 which claims to do the same thing, but I found it thick, gloopy and it sat on the skin. However, this HealGel Intensive is lightweight, smooth and sinks in the skin properly - so much so that I was happy to use it under my make-up because it made no difference to the finish of my foundation at all.

The effects? I certainly noticed my scars lightening after several weeks of applying it once a day to just areas where I needed it - I was really impressed! I used it after my toner and before my all over serum. I noticed it was very gradual, but I have to mention that the instructions state that it should be applied two or three times a day, so I imagine it's even better when used as instructed!

On the other hand, if you read my post a week or so ago about the L'Oreal Skin Perfection Advanced Correcting Serum, you know I said that one noticeably reduced my scarring. So which do I prefer between the HealGel and the serum? For effects, I personally prefer the L'Oreal serum, just because I felt a bigger difference and it's more affordable - however this has a massive caveat. The L'Oreal serum is a very potent and active product, which I've been told have caused allergic reactions to some people including Epiphannie. I think the HealGel Intensive, while still potent, is much more gentle and more appropriate for sensitive skins, especially as it's more tailored to healing skin i.e. implying that the skin has been broken or irritated, whether that is eczema, scars or acne. I think that's the main difference, but both are very effective at minimising scars so I can highly recommend the HealGel Intensive.

HealGel Eye - £32
The HealGel Eye promises to hydrate the undereyes and soften the appearness of puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles, and improve skintone and elasticity. It also claims to diffuse light to brighten the area.

I absolutely love this formula - I found it lightweight, hydrating and it sinks in beautifully. I love that it's not just softening the surface, but really works underneath the skin. Most of all, I loved that it didn't irritate my millia, which can grow with heavy creams. I've noticed that over time, my undereye is healthy, hydrated, comfortable and never irritated or sensitive. The thing that's set this eye cream apart from others I've tried is that it seems to have long-term benefits, and doesn't just hydrate your undereye for the time being when you've applied it. Personally at 23 though, I don't have any wrinkle qualms about my undereye - so I can't really tell if it's working to improve wrinkles, so if you're looking for an answer to those babies, I'm afraid this isn't the review that will enlighten you!

I do feel, in a way, that £32 is a lot of money for an eye cream, but I can't doubt that I've adored using it - I just love that it's so effective and actually improves the condition of my skin. But having used it for almost 2 months, I am almost half way through the tube. Whereas for example, with the Origins Eye Doctor, I used it for a good year before I was done with a tub I purchased for £25.

So overall, I'd say it's a fantastic eye cream that has long-term, effective results in terms of hydration and elasticity without overloading your undereye with unnecessary oils. However, I'm not the one to tell you if this is the miracle eye cream that will get rid of your crow's feet! Although, once it takes care of those, £32 will sound like nothing! ;)

Have you tried HealGel? What were your thoughts?



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