TanOrganic's OilArganic Dry Oil

I dislike body lotions. I use them before applying fake tan, or when I'm getting my legs out and that's about it. I hate the slippy feeling they give (nightmare to cross legs!), they never actually heal anything and just sit on my skin like a layer of wetness.

Which is why I was quite hesitant of the prospect of applying oil to your body. You could say "DRY oil" to me as many times as you like, but I wasn't going to believe it until I recently tried TanOrganic's OilArganic.

TanOrganic is a brand that became a success through Dragon's Den Ireland, and is a genuinely committed green beauty company - they are EcoCertified, their bottles is the classiest slim frosted glass bottle with gold hardware, and the ingredients are as natural as they get, with 95% certified organic ingredients.

The reason why I've not only overcome my fear of moisturising the body everyday, but fallen in love with this product is because..

1. There's no slippy feeling..
The product really sinks in to your skin and gives you a smooth, supple finish as opposed to a wet, slippery feeling. I find myself applying this both day and night, after showers and upon emergency dry patch discoveries. A lot of the times I hate applying body moisturisers because my hand end up wet and impossible to do anything with, but this product is so "dry" that you can just rub the excess onto your cuticles or just all over your hand and you're on your way!

2. Actually heals dry skin..
As I said in my November Favourites, this has argan oil which has a healing property and the product actually states that it's good for scars and stretch marks. I guess that's what I really don't like about moisturisers - a lot of them just wet your skin! With this oil, I always focus on my elbows which are notoriously dry and flakey (yumm), and when I constantly do so over time, they slowly start healing. Unlike with moisturisers, I don't hesitate to use this all over the body either, as I said in 1., it doesn't feel sticky or slimey at all. Although I haven't given it a go on my acne scars, this product is useable on your face, hair, skin - you name it!

3. Lovely scent!
The scent on this oil is predominantly of neroli or orange blossoms, which has slowly become one of my favourite scents. I just love how real the smell is, and it's very relaxing so perfect for when you're in the mood for a little pamper. Guilty of sniffing my arm from time to time, not gonna lie.

4. Prolongs a tan..
Okay, so what I haven't told you yet is that TanOrganic is predominantly a tanning brand, so the creator of the brand had meant this oil to be applied to prolong the tan without it going patchy. Now I do love my fake tan, but it's not something I do religiously but I know there are loads of people who do, so for information, the TanOrganic range is 4 simple products: a liquid tan that's subtle, nourishing and in a similar packaging, an exfoliating glove to remove old tan, a velvety tanning mitt and of course, the OilArganic.

5. Packed full of EcoCertified organic oils..
Here's the ingredients list:
Capric triglyceride, organic orange oil, organic argan oil, tocopheryl acetate, organic hemp seed oil, organic jojoba oil, organic avocado oil, olive oil, organic rosa canina fruit oil, organic evening primrose oil, macadamia temifolia seed oil, sweet almond oil, ubiquinone, phenethyl alcohol, caprlyl glycol, citral limonene, lianool.

The combination of the 5 have made this my absolute favourite product to moisturise my body with. It starts off as a great experience with a gorgeous packaging and exotic smell, the application is easy, and the results are fantastic. I can highly recommend this for the winter, I think it'd be really beneficial to have something this nourishing and with healing properties this time of year!

You can get this from the TanOrganic website for €24.99 (around £20), or the Try Me size for €8.99, or their whole range in their TanTrilogy kit for €19.99 (around £16) :)

Have you tried anything from TanOrganic?
What is your favourite body oil?


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  1. Love the sound of this, I use Bio Oil at the moment but the tan aspect of this sounds appealing ;) x

    1. You should try the trial set, they work so well together! :)

  2. This sounds absolutely lovely. I've recently started using dry body oils and they are so much better than body lotion, plus you need so little for your body to feel all silky and amazing. I may well have to try this as the ingredients list is pretty lovely. Xo

    1. I agree! I think it's great they sell a smaller size so you can give it a go first :)

  3. Oh sounds amazing



  4. I have been into body oils myself I will be looking for this
    One !

  5. new followerrr :)


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